Jul 25, 2016

LUNASOL Smoothing Makeup Base

What is like to wear (Japanese) base makeup?

Have you ever imagine how big difference could be when you put a makeup base before applying your foundation? Primer works to enhance your skin for an even and smooth pores/surfaces before applying foundation. Many primer offers you various result from moisten the skin, gives glowy result or simply even out the skin's surface. As one of Japanese notable brand, Lunasol offers variety of effortless base makeup that gives you a silky-smooth base finish. 

Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base is retailed for Yen 3.000 / IDR 380.000, with net weight 30gr, and equipped with SPF22 & PA++. Available throughout Lunasol counter. You can check from their official web Lunasol.


According to Lunasol website:


Fills visible pores and uneven surfaces with a creamy texture and creates an even film over the skin to leave it silky smooth.
The makeup base absorbs perspiration and sebum, and the same non-greasy texture as when first applied lasts for many hours.
30g SPF22・PA++


After conditioning the skin with lotion and emulsion, spread an appropriate amount over the entire face.
Learn more from Perfect Step.
*Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and Protection Grade of UVA (PA) are standard measurements under which globally approved testing methods are used. Use them as a reference when choosing a product.
Now,  from my own words: Creamy texture ☑; an even and silky-smooth skin ☑; but they they forget to mention that it creates an overly brightening effect and heavily-loaded-with-barely-noticeable-subtle-shimmering-particles texture just like another Japanese makeup brand.

Okay, first thing first; the packaging comes in glamorous cooper-metallic tube which adorn the simplicity of Lunasol concept. The tube comes with squeeze concept and pointy tip so you can easily control the outcome. It's so sleek and fits perfectly for travel.
So, I'm gonna be brutally honest based on my own experience, xx. The primer comes in a milky, creamy texture but not moisturizing enough if you have combination/dry-skin. The official web description also states that it "leaves a silky smooth finish" and "lasts for many hours", and yes it gives you a nice smooth-satiny base skin, but I didn't find it has good oil-control especially for T-zone area. I always paired it together with Lunasol Skin Modelling Finish or Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, but somehow after 2-3 hours it creates greasy feeling especially on my T-zone area. Fyi, I rarely put loose/setting powder as a final step (maybe that's the reason, lol).

If you happen to love satiny finish primer, you're gotta love this one, but if you're not into subtle-shimmering particles cream then you might pay attention: this primer is loaded with heavily-subtle-shimmering-particles. It's barely visible from camera lens but you can observe it under direct-light with only naked eye. The good thing? It will give you a luminous and radiant skin-base

Here's a snap of Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base: center photo shows you the result of erratic motion while the right photo shows you an even application.
another close-up swatch

My Verdict?
My very first high-end makeup base and I've got to admit I have mixed-thought about this product. It gives you a nice glowy-luminous finish but it's loaded with heavily-subtle-shimmering particle (if you really observe thoroughly into the base pigmentation) and might stir some people. Personally I think this makeup base suits better for lighter skin tone; people with tad darker skin tone (like mine) will look artificially more radiant and flawless even though I only apply this makeup base alone. Nevertheless, I don't find it as a problem, the only problem I've got is the oil-control power. Is it only me or do I need to apply finishing/setting powder to control the excess sebum/greasy feeling? Based on my experience, I prefer to pair it together with my powder foundation since powder texture will prolong the oil-control power longer than creamy/liquid foundation does. If you wonder how it works on lighter skin tone, you might check another review by Jade In The Palace. How about you? Have you tried Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base? Let me know your comment below

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