Jul 21, 2013

Me x ETUDE HOUSE BB Cream Cotton Fit

ETUDE HOUSE BB Cream has been a phenomenon since the Hallyu Wave strikes our generation. Many Korean artists such as: Jun Ji Hyun (1999-2000! EH First endorser), S E S (2000-2001), Song Hye Kyo (2001-2006), Go Ara & Jang Geun Seuk (2006-2008), Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho (2009-2010), 2NE1 (2010), Sandara Park (2011-2012), Song Hye-Gyo & Lee Min Hoo and recently Boyband Shinee, Crystal f(X), and Sulli f(X) successfully endorse this Korean most prominence make-up brand.

I will review my first Etude House product that (I beg you pardon) I bought from Online Shop instead of it's Concept Store. In Indonesia, buying Korean beauty products from Online Store or pre-order helps people to save more money. I could suggest you (if you are interesting to buy in online shop) several points so you could avoid poser online shop.

First thing first: their customer's testimonial. Testimonial and comment from the buyers give a lot of impact to the online shop reliability. Trust-worthy online shop will proudly share their customer's testimonial in order to gain more trust from new or potential customer. Second: number of their customers. Some social media platform can show you number of customers of the online shop (like a Facebook Page or Facebook friend list) but some media like BlackBerry Messenger and website platform are hardly giving us hint either the online shop reliable or not. In my guess, the more friends, number of like or follower of those online shop, the more trust-worthy they are. Third: I've been paying attention to the quality, arrangement, and choice of the picture uploaded. Some store just 'randomly' upload and add their picture just to make sure potential buyer that they have those products. Even some store illegally upload other people/website without their permission, to bad to say. Therefore, I suggest many blogger or individual out there to put watermark or label to their pictures to avoid this kind of situation. Fourth: Their timeline activity. If they are truly reliable online shop, you can check their timeline activity; when was the last log-in, update, upload, status, info, etc ? High rate of activity shows that they have tendency to conduct (at least marketing) activity. Idle status means they do nothing in since their last log-in. Duh~! Last but not least: Trust your instinct. I've been browsing several online shop just to get reliable and cheaper *laugh* product. The more observation and searching program you conduct, the more information you'll get about those online shop. Please keep in mind: some beauty bloggers are often asked to review and blog the endorsed product from their endorser, this is one way to advertise endorser product and also their shop, or in a whole it's another way to add plus point for your observation :)

Shall we continue to my review about Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit?

I'm a sucker for princess-y things; anything sparkles, pastel color, feminine graphic attract my attention the most. By the time, I'm reviewing either buying Etude House Cotton Fit or Bright Fit, I end up choose the Cotton Fit for it's gorgeous cover...ARGH. This is just a brief comparison between Bright Fit and Cotton Fit. The Bright Fit is exclusively made for normal-dry, thus the final result after applying the cream could give you glowing and dewy result. While Cotton Fit is made for normal-oily skin, it can make your skin achieve smooth and cotton-ball feeling. Plus, the Cotton Fit is (they say so) suitable for warm-climate skin. OK, mine is the Etude House Cotton Fit in Honey Beige W24; it's the darkest variant from Cotton Fit with price range at IDR 183.000 (Online Store price, I bought it here). 

Source: beautifulbuns.wordpress.com
- Furthermore, the Cotton Fit has more cute packaging with it's white and eggplant-ish combination. The surface of the front cover is dope or matte surface (the not-glossy version) with holographic effect. Great choice for feminine or princess-y lover ♥
- The formula is long-lasting; I used to apply moisturizer from Sari Ayu (local make-up product) then layer it with Etude House Cotton Fit for my daily base and it last for the end of the day. Plus, it's also good for special occasion ♥
- The pump applicator makes you easier to estimate the requested amount + it also makes the cream more hygienic than the conventional way by pouring down the liquid ♥
- The final result tend to be matte-r and powder-y; but if you add more loose powder, it could make you look more fresh-er ♥
- It's travel friendly; the flexible and light-weight tube make it easier to bring along during traveling ♥
- (Princess lover) Collector's recommendation ♥
- Smells powder-y ♥
- Covers dark spot well ♥
- Good oil control; oil only occurs in some spot especially my nose ♥
- Brightening, Anti-wrinkles, Anti-dark spot, and has SPF 30++ on it ♥

- The color variants is toooo few (the Cotton Fit only have 3 color variants: N02, W13, & W24, while Bright Fit has 4 color variants) T^T Indonesian women skin tone range from the yellow-ish skin tone to darker skin tone, so EH BB Cream Cotton Fit is not recommended if you have olive skin tone to darker tone :(
- It takes effort to blend the cream; it's not easy to blend the cream since the texture of the cream is medium-heavy :(
- Makes chalky and uneven result if you have dry skin. If your face skin is normal-dry, it's better to put moisturizer first. I have normal-combination skin, the area around my cheek is tend to be dry, if I put the BB Cream without moisturizer then could give chalky and uneven result :(
- The color is too bright for a darkest color variant, I guess... Even though I already apply slightly less amount of cream, the result makes me look ghastly D: therefore, after blending it with my finger, I rub my palms and gently pat my face just to make sure that the cream formula absorbs well
- Pricey; if you buy it directly to Etude House store in your nearest shopping center, the price is 2 times higher than if you buy it from online shop, so keep in mind to find trusted reseller
- Most of the information written in the tube is in Korean -_- (even though they also have brief information in English)
- Has a gray-cast over the finish

Overall, I am satisfied with Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit, somehow I hope that EH could give moreee variants especially for Indo-Malay skin tone girl. However, the choice is yours; so start browse & shop wisely :) For more other review you can check out beautifulbuns, thank you!

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  1. hello, i am wondering what is your shade in mac? I am in range NC 35 and really want to try Korean bb cream. Which product and shade would you recommend ? thank you

    1. Hi Lulu! I might say I'm close enough to NC 35 also, however, if you're planning to try Korean BB cream I may suggest you to choose the darkest shade available (as I usually do). Why? Korean has high-spectrum of SPF (SPF25-30++)and it could reflect light and creates grayish cast upon application and as far as I compared, Korean brand offers more lighter/brighter result than Japanese BB does. I hope my comment might help you :)

      Have a nice day!

  2. Haii kaak, aku udah beberapa kali gonta-ganti lipbalm tapi gaada yang cocok.. Gimana ya kk? Ohiya kak blog kakak bagus, aku baru beberapa bulan menjalankan blog aku, kunjungi blog aku ya kak, terimakasih

  3. Haii kaak, aku udah beberapa kali gonta-ganti lipbalm tapi gaada yang cocok.. Gimana ya kk? Ohiya kak blog kakak bagus, aku baru beberapa bulan menjalankan blog aku, kunjungi blog aku ya kak, terimakasih

    1. Thank you Fauziah :) kalo lipbalm sih cocok cocokan ya, mungkin kamu bisa coba dari yang tidak berwarna dulu atau Vaseline product? Thanks for visiting~


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