Jan 16, 2015

Sabtu sore di Petak Sembilan

Awal Januari 2015 ini saya berkesempatan berjalan-jalan di sekitaran Petak Sembilan, Jakarta Utara bersama Partner-in-Travel saya, Diyah.

Petak Sembilan adalah kawasan pecinan di Jakarta Utara, tepatnya berada di Kelurahan Grogol, kurang lebih 300 meter dari stasiun Jakarta Kota. Keluar dari stasiun, berjalanlah ke arah Selatan atau ke arah Glodok melalui pedestrian sebelah Kanan atau naik Trans Jakarta dan turun di Halte Glodok. Petak Sembilan merupakan kawasan pasar pecinan yang menjajakan banyak barang-barangdari Tiongkok dan puncaknya menjelang Imlek ini, para pedagang berlomba-lomba menjajakan beragam dekorasi Imlek, baju, bahkan makanan khasnya.

Turun dari stasiun Jakarta Kota, saya melangkahkan kaki ke Selatan menyusuri trotoar seberang Museum Mandiri dan berbelok di tikungan Hotel Fortuna kemudian belok kiri. Wangi nasi Hainan bercampur dengan bau 'anyir' dari selokan di pinggiran, tapi ga menyurutkan langkah saya untuk menyicipi kopi Tak Kie. Ya, kedai kopi Tak Kie, walaupun saya bukan peminum kopi, tidak menyurutkan niat saya menyicipi es kopi susunya yang terkenal.

Jan 14, 2015

CANMAKE Mat Fleur Cheeks 03 Matte Marmalade

Preceding the 'Kawaii'-ness of Glow Fleur Cheeks & Glow Fleur Highlighter, Canmake recently releases another Fall 2014 consists of Mat Fleur Cheeks & Jelly Gloss Stick.

Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks offers a delicate powdery finish in 3 shades available; 01 Matte Apricot, 02 Matte Girly Rose & 03 Matte Marmalade. It's retailed for Yen 800 (before the tax) and has different engraved flower pattern comparing to Glow Fleur Cheeks. The powder is pressed into a clear plastic case and equipped with a synthetic blush brush. All information are written in Japanese but there's slight of graphic instruction about how-to application. According to Canmake official website:

The secret of super-soft cheeks ☆ Matte powder with a natural finish
Matte powder creates a soft shading effect! The matte texture ensures a translucent finish that never looks heavy♡
Enhances your complexion, giving you the softest, cutest cheeks♥
Soft-focus powder ★ Contains fixing powder!!!
● Matte powder with a soft-focus effect gives you a poreless look★
● With a highly light-diffusing effect, Focus Powder softly obscures textural irregularities caused by pores, concealing both fine lines and pores!
● Contains sebum-absorbing powder (silica) to prevent make-up run.
Highly absorbent, it sucks up excess sebum ♡ Keeps your make-up in place for hours on end.
Contains beautifying & moisturizing agents and plant & fruit extracts that your skin will love♥
Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate peel extract, damask rose flower oil, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract
★Formulation designed with your skin in mind★
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers, and fragrance



Note: As you can see, Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks color is hardly to be seen in the picture (even though I already dust a lottttaaa blusher). However, in the real life, their pigmentation is subtle and soft.

The Mat Fleur Cheeks is a pressed-powder blusher with coral-orange based hue. The texture is chalky and doesn't have neither shimmer nor glitter particles over the swipe. Blusher's pigmentation is subtle in real life (it doesn't showing up in the picture) and doesn't look orange-y comparing to the pan's; in addition, the coral shade of the blush certainly complements warm-based skin tone. It's formulated with moisturizer to create supple yet healthy flush cheek while the white lace-patterned powder in the corner-left of the pan tones-down the vividness of orange color.  Fragrance-free and  lasts for average 4 hours during normal activity. In sum, the Mat Fleur Cheeks range is likewise typical pressed-blusher but with less pigmentation and subtle finish; a perfect personification of Japanese make-up style.

My Verdict?
I never thought that Coral-orange shade will complement me. So,why do I choose the coral-based shade in the first place? The answer is because we need something new for challenging our self. The coral shade is quite striking in the pan but turns more demure when applied. The formula works well on humid weather like in Indonesia and doesn't wear off when you sweat. This product is the contradiction from the Glow Fleur Cheeks which creates a glowy-satin finish while Mat Fleur Cheeks is more on the subtle-matte complexion result. The product's finish is suitable for creating Mori girl style (imo); it creates light-weight and flawless make-up. If you're curious about the How-to application of this orange matte blusher you can check out mori girl make-up or check here for inspiration. Thank you for reading and have a nice (mori-inspired) day! ^^

My end-of-year haul with girly thematic, errr, I'm sucker for cute stuffs

Jan 8, 2015

CANMAKE Blush Brush & Highlight Brush

Instead of their super-ultra-cute make-up products, Canmake has their own cute accessories such as Blush Brush and Highlighter Brush.

Japanese has been the prominent producer of high-quality make-up brush such as Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Suqqu, Lunasol, etc. You  name it. Despite the fact that the high-end brand is unbelievably expensive, you can check other substitution from low-end brushes manufactured for drugstore such as Esprique, Canmake, etc.

Canmake Blush Brush and Highlighter Brush retailed for Yen 700 and Yen 650 respectively. It's encased in a pastel-theme patterned plastic box with flowery and girly motifs decoration whereas the brush itself equipped with a travel-pouch. The bristle is artificially made from a soft-vinyl whereas the handle comes in a solid-white lacquered plastic with Canmake logo in it. You check Canmake Blush Brush & Highlighter Brush from their official website respectively here and here.

Both brushes are made from synthetic vinyl bristle dipped with Ombré-pink color on the tip of the brush. While the ferrule is made from iridescent-pink metal with solid-white handle comes with Canmake logo engraved. The bristle is super fluffy~ even though the brush made from synthetic vinyl, but it doesn't poking your skin. Blush brush has curved-round shape whereas highlighter brush comes in slanted bristle; which is very nice to create either contoured shade or cheeky style. However, the brush size is too small imho; it's only ± 12cm long which is commonly an ideal size for eyeshadow brush. It's equipped with a travel pouch inside; which means the Canmake brush as a matter of fact is prepared for a travel companion aside from their 'mini' size.

My Verdict?
I really love the "Kawaii" concept of Canmake! It never goes dull or disappoints me. Hence, it's a good reason to make it as a collector items. However, the brush's 'mini' size really bothers me; the size is too small to grasp. I usually hold it loosely and ends up as my 'lazy days' tools comparing to my Masami Shouko brushes as staple tools for hectic and rushing working days. In sum, if you're into cute and 'kawaii' stuffs like Canmake brush then I would suggest these as collection (like I did, haha) but if you're into efficient and long-lasting tools you might check high-end brand considering their durability. Hope by looking at these cute goodies will happify your day

  My end-of-year haul with girly thematic, errr, I'm sucker for cute stuffs

VISÉE Color Blend Cheek PK-4

Visée, the sub-brand make up under Kose Japan, has won the heart among young women in Japan for their acclaimed make-up concept. Since 2013, they finally revamp new glamorous concept with Rola as their new ambassador proceeding Ayumi Hamasaki & Kumi Koda. After their successful "Glossy Rich Eyes" range, "Blend Color Cheek" range is totally eye candy.

Visee market target is young and stylish women with emphasis on the 'modern & glamor' looking concept. The Blend Color Cheek range (ブレンドカラー  チークス) is launched with total 8 shades in mesmerizing 4 swirl-gradations color in single compact blusher to create a healthy flush of color. It's retailed for Yen 1.650 (or equals with IDR 240.000 from Iroiroshopu OL Shop since Visee brand doesn't marketed yet in Indonesia beauty counter). The net product weights for 7.5 gr, with additional natural bristle from squirrel hair in fan shape, and made from lacquered Black-Metallic sturdy-plastic engraved in flowery pattern transparent window showcasing the embossed blush. The packaging is packed in a beautifully double compartment for the blush and brush with no mirror inserted.

All information are written in Japanese, only limited info provided in English. The outer packaging has ingredients, color variant, application how-to, and further information about the product. While the blusher case is made from gunmetal design in a sophisticated-modern looking packaging with slight information about the product's shade, info and related info.


The blusher is powdery; the texture is silky-powdery on the pan but after swatch it becomes chalky. The pigmentation is subtle; a dusky pink-rose color along with tinged highlighter and bronzer in the same color spectrum. It has demure gradation comparing to the other color selection and categorized as dusty rose hue. The color in the pot looks pigmented but it turns to be mere subtle after applied on the cheek. However, it's a good choice for those who love hint of color in the cheek or merely wants to give flush of healthy glow on the face.

My Verdict?
Kawaii~ The product cuteness is to die for~ Japanese is truly winner when it comes to cute or fine product with magnificent quality. The new Visee product has won acclaimed rank or review in may Japanese beauty magazine especially the 2014 Fall Lip & Cheek Cream. Overall, the Color Blend range slides into moderate product. It's visually good in the pan, but turns merely subtle after applied on the cheek. The texture is powdery and the pigmentation finish is subtle. The muted finish could be a biggest turn-down for glowing or vivid flush lover, yet for me a hint of healthy flush is okay. Another might find that the blusher creates so many overlapping dust which is really annoying and wasted. Yet these cute packaging caught my heart and the subdued finish is office-appropriate. You can check out Musing of a muse and Wondegondigo reviews for more reference. See you for now!

My end-of-year haul with girly thematic, errr, I'm sucker for cute stuffs

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