Jan 8, 2015

VISÉE Color Blend Cheek PK-4

Visée, the sub-brand make up under Kose Japan, has won the heart among young women in Japan for their acclaimed make-up concept. Since 2013, they finally revamp new glamorous concept with Rola as their new ambassador proceeding Ayumi Hamasaki & Kumi Koda. After their successful "Glossy Rich Eyes" range, "Blend Color Cheek" range is totally eye candy.

Visee market target is young and stylish women with emphasis on the 'modern & glamor' looking concept. The Blend Color Cheek range (ブレンドカラー  チークス) is launched with total 8 shades in mesmerizing 4 swirl-gradations color in single compact blusher to create a healthy flush of color. It's retailed for Yen 1.650 (or equals with IDR 240.000 from Iroiroshopu OL Shop since Visee brand doesn't marketed yet in Indonesia beauty counter). The net product weights for 7.5 gr, with additional natural bristle from squirrel hair in fan shape, and made from lacquered Black-Metallic sturdy-plastic engraved in flowery pattern transparent window showcasing the embossed blush. The packaging is packed in a beautifully double compartment for the blush and brush with no mirror inserted.

All information are written in Japanese, only limited info provided in English. The outer packaging has ingredients, color variant, application how-to, and further information about the product. While the blusher case is made from gunmetal design in a sophisticated-modern looking packaging with slight information about the product's shade, info and related info.


The blusher is powdery; the texture is silky-powdery on the pan but after swatch it becomes chalky. The pigmentation is subtle; a dusky pink-rose color along with tinged highlighter and bronzer in the same color spectrum. It has demure gradation comparing to the other color selection and categorized as dusty rose hue. The color in the pot looks pigmented but it turns to be mere subtle after applied on the cheek. However, it's a good choice for those who love hint of color in the cheek or merely wants to give flush of healthy glow on the face.

My Verdict?
Kawaii~ The product cuteness is to die for~ Japanese is truly winner when it comes to cute or fine product with magnificent quality. The new Visee product has won acclaimed rank or review in may Japanese beauty magazine especially the 2014 Fall Lip & Cheek Cream. Overall, the Color Blend range slides into moderate product. It's visually good in the pan, but turns merely subtle after applied on the cheek. The texture is powdery and the pigmentation finish is subtle. The muted finish could be a biggest turn-down for glowing or vivid flush lover, yet for me a hint of healthy flush is okay. Another might find that the blusher creates so many overlapping dust which is really annoying and wasted. Yet these cute packaging caught my heart and the subdued finish is office-appropriate. You can check out Musing of a muse and Wondegondigo reviews for more reference. See you for now!

My end-of-year haul with girly thematic, errr, I'm sucker for cute stuffs


  1. Your haul looks adorable! I have a Visee eyeshadow palette and I love the oranaments they have on their products. It looks cute and yet elegant! The blush looks great on you!

    1. Thank you Fräulein Schnee :) yes, Visee new concept is gorgeous indeed~ I'm curious about the other Japanese lipstick from Maquaillage Dramatic Melting Rouge and Esprique Rich Essence Rouge


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