Sep 15, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow #02 & #04

Simplicity and efficiency becomes inextricably part of modern life. Active woman needs the urge to do everything in a blink of their eye, that's why Korean innovation lead us to the most promising idea in shaping your face frame; retractable eyebrow pen.

Perhaps retractable eyebrow pen/liner is the best innovation of all time. The timeless conventional pencil eyebrow might hand-down the throne to this ultra-innovative packaging. No more never-ending sharpening process that could lead you into a tearful moment when your wooden-pencil got sharpened closer to its edge. If you know what I mean.

Etude House offers this innovative concept into their Drawing Eyebrow series with 6 color options in total. Ranges for IDR 37.000 (Won 2.000) from Beautyglowing, the product is actually worth to try. Sealed with a guarantee tape-seal, the product comes in dual-ended pencil & spooly with retractable triangular-shaped pencil to precisely define the brow's hair. There are 6 shades to suit your need with selection as follows:
  1. Dark Brown
  2. Grey Brown
  3. Brown
  4. Dark Grey
  5. Grey
  6. Black


This verdict comes with 2 shades for comparison; #02 Grey Brown and #04 Dark Grey. It's hardly to differentiate between this two since Grey Brown color almost similar with Dark Grey. However, if you put it under natural lightning, then it's easier to distinguish them based on the cap's color.

#02 Grey Brown is a Brownish-Grey color; it's a mix of Brown and Grey with Brown-based or categorized as "Warm Grey"  whereas #04 Dark Grey is a dark-colored Grey or categorized as "Cold Grey" and can be called as Charcoal-gray. Both pigmentation are quite sumptuous due to its creamy texture; comparing to conventional chalky eyebrow pencil, the EH Drawing Eyebrow texture is bit creamy. 

The retractable-triangular tip helps to define and shape eyebrow precisely. It offers less maintenance since the slim-triangular tip needs no sharpener. Provided with Vit. E to help moisturizing eyebrow areas and spooly to evenly distribute the color on the brow. Apply the liner with precise and short strokes by following the natural growth of your brows to create natural looking brows.



My Verdict?
Frankly, it's difficult to distinguish between two since they have the (almost) same opacity and classified in the same Grey-group. However, if you put both pencil under natural lightning, you can see that #02 has tendency as Brownish-based color and much darker than #04. Both eyebrow pencils texture are chalky with a tendency of creamy-like texture. The triangular-pointy tip also allows us to define the eyebrow's hair precisely and with retractable pencil like this product then (the good news) you won't need additional sharpener as conventional eyebrow pencil does. The formula is long-lasting and waterproof; the color payoff also goes along the way as it's build-able and genuinely vivid. Yet, the product creamy-like texture easily creates inconsistent or sparse line especially for those who barely-know-how-to-shaping-my-eyebrow. However, the additional spoolie on the opposite part of the eyebrow pencil definitely helps you to distribute the color evenly. Therefore, this product surely a nice deal since it offers 2 functions in one product plus (!) it's inexpensive. You can check out other review here for more information. Do you think it's a good deal or not? Let me hear your comment below

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