Sep 4, 2014

MAYBELLINE Colorshow Eyeliner in Cacao Brown

Brown eyeliner is flattered and universal like Black eyeliner does. However, Brown is more demure and gives you a sophisticated look for those who like being on the safe-side.

Another Maybelline Colorshow range that offers a good deal of quality. The Brown eyeliner is numbered #09 Cacao Brown with identically slim & retractable pen like Noble Purple has. The only difference is coming from the cap which identifiably recognized from its cap color. It costs for about IDR 30.000 and can be found in Maybelline's counter of most notable department stores. 


As you can see, Cocoa Brown has a fine pointy tip and 3 cm stick length in total. The texture is bit matte comparing to Noble Purple and has a plain dark-brown pigmentation without any foil-y nor glittery effect on it. The pigmentation vividly glides into skin leaves a waxy texture finish.
It's smudge proof; easily applied on the lower waterline thanks to its waxy texture. Long lasting and waterproof; yet bit easily to fade if you have oily lid. Vivid color with not-overly-smooth texture is a real steal for lower lash lines application.

Near below is the upper liner application only; while the far below is the upper liner + outer rim of the eye application. A little bit difficult to compare with, but as you can see far below photo shows an edgy and sharp look comparing to near below swatch.

My verdict?
Good deal & steal; I love how Maybelline offers an inexpensive version of colorful eyeliner yet distributes a good quality and also color. The color is absolutely office appropriate and wearable for everyday usage whereas the quality is superb; long-lasting and delivers vivid color. In brief, for comparison between Cacao Brown X Noble Purple is between Matte and Shimmering effect (another review here). The Colorshow range offers a great formula in an affordable price; plus it is created in an ergonomics retractable pen in which allows me to take it on road. So, what do you think? Is it yay or so-so? Love to hear it from you.

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