Aug 7, 2014

MAYBELLINE Colorshow Eyeliner in Noble Purple

Maybelline Colorshow Eyeliner brings out the best thing about Eyeliner; it's retractable and comes in varied vivid shades.

The Colorshow range recently released in Indonesia with total 7 shades option in total; Deep Black, Noble Purple, Ocean Blue, Shiny Orange, Cocoa Brown, Inca Gold and Light Peacock Blue. Ranges for about IDR 30.000 (very cheapy, isn't it?) and available in notable department/beauty counter all over Indonesia.

With it's galore, slim and retractable pen, no wonder it becomes a new darling for beauty junkie. The pen is very handy with a matching cap according to the liner's color. With a bold "COLORSHOW" in the Black lacquered pen gives a sleek and modern looking packaging.

Whilst the tip is quite pointy with 3cm liner length in total. Comparing to KATE My color pencil as comparison, Maybelline Colorshow in Noble Purple definitely has more darker shade; it's more resemble deep Plum color with Black undertone.

Nevertheless, both purple liner has glitter on it whilst Maybelline Colorshow has more dazzling glitter than KATE which is more subtle and soft. The pigmentation is very good with dark Purple, metallic finish and satiny texture. The formula lasts for hours, except if you tried to rub it to know the staying-power. Below swatch shows that Maybelline is easily wiped-off after rubbing while KATE leaves stain behind.

My verdicts?
Totally Lurve it~ Never thought Purple works best on me since my warm-skin tone often repels cool-tone shade like Purple. Recently I find out that with only single stroke and demure application will boost your look into a playful one. Definitely helps you creating easy smoky eyes look with full liner application. In case you have smooth lines or dark-circle like mine (uhuhu), avoid full liners application and only use it on the upper eye lines otherwise it will make you looking-tired. This shade also works well for office look; it's office appropriate if you apply it as photo above; no drama looking, only single application on the upper liner. I've been having rough time recently and my face often looks so dull, in a day when I want to pop-up my look I usually end up applying colorful shades on my lids. So, what do you think of this stuff, beauty junkie? Care to share your opinion with me?

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