Aug 4, 2014

VISÉE Glossy Rich Eyes in PK-3

My 100 post! My current verdict will discuss the latest hype among Japanese women, Visée Glossy Rich Eyes. Another Far-east favorite product; this eyeshadow promotes glossy-looking finish on your eyes with super enchanted packaging in baroque style.

For those Japanese drug-store products devotee, should check another product under Kose brand, Visée. This series was launched back then in 2013 as an Autumn Winter collection. The eyeshadow series itself has 8 shades in total; while this product is PK-3 with Plum ambiance representing Fall. For more information about glossy rich eyes can be checked in their official website; unfortunately all information are written in Japanese.

The outer packaging itself made from sturdy plastic with color information, product description, ingredients, and application how-to in the front and back-side packaging.

The glossy rich eyes series range from Yen 1.600 (before tax) and sold all over Japan. In case you're living outside Japan, then Adam Beauty or OL Shop might be the best solution to get one. The palette contains 4 shades in a pan: Frosty glossy base (Pale Pink-frosty); Nude shimmer highlight (Shimmering Champagne); Glittery Wine shade with creamy finish (Shimmering Red Wine); and Metallic Creamy Brown shade for liner (Shimmering Dark-Brown)

The packaging made from lacquer black plastic, travel-friendly with a double-tip sponge applicator on the both side. It is decorated with girly baroque style with a lace decoration surrounds the transparent plastic glass. The packaging is holographic and tends to look more modern with slightly-greyish fluorescent.

Indoor light; as you can see the shimmers are more reflected indoor. Just like another typical Japanese eye products: coordinated shades with shimmery/frosted shades. The glossy base and other shades works out with less fallout and creamy texture for gradient look. 


My verdict?
SWOON. Visée should be categorized as drug-store brand with high-end quality. No wonder Japanese make-up quality mostly comparable with their high-end; their quality is absolutely great. A good steal for those make-up junkies and Japanese make-up lover. Either you only use single shade or all of the above for gradient look, the formula is not a joke. However, if you compare KATE from Kanebo with Visée from Kose, I should say Visée dares to offer more variants. Still, eye primer is primarily required for best finish; the texture and color will show off from a good base (compared to my swatch eyes which has no base applied before.)

Total satisfaction for the money wise; it's another typical Japanese product with great pigmentation, texture and finish for a drug-store range. However, other products from the same range is quite lusting since Visée offers seducing & varied color system. I guess PK-3 works best for daily but also enchanted for night time. Hardly not to head-over-heels with this baby, yet it's not easy to get one in Indonesia so PO might be the solution to obtain one. I guess the waiting is worth the result, Visée Glossy Rich Eyes is one of the best self-birthday-gifts to myself :) If only I could share this kind of happiness with somebody

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