Jul 24, 2014

KATE Rouge Hg in RS-9

A girl can always count on Lipstick when having a bad day; another temptation comes from KATE Rouge Hg which released in Autumn 2011 collection. Instead of vivid pigmentation that derives U.S brand from any other brands, Japanese brand relies on sheer yet plumping formula to enhance the natural beauty of your lips.

If you head-over-heels with KATE eyeshadow series, then you might try the Rouge Hg series.

"Rouge for Rich, Long lasting Moisture.
A lipstick containing treatment ingredients to protect lips from dryness, and keep them full and richly moist."


Offers a delicate 15-shades selection; Rouge Hg provided a sheer result with hint of color for your lips with moisture agents to maintain your lips from dryness, and gives an extra benefit by making your lips looks fuller and plumping. The price ranges for Yen 1.400 (before Tax) and weight for net 2.4 gr. Check here to find out more information about KATE Rouge Hg.


The outer packaging comes up with an ingredients information, product description, price, weight and other related information which unfortunately written in Japanese. The outer packaging is made from sturdy plastic dominated with black and red.

Meanwhile, the lipstick tube is made from sturdy Black-lacquer metal tube. The shape is seemingly looked Retro with it's black, sleek, and stiff patterned-rectangular shape. Definitely portrays KATE's image as "Cool, Effortless, Modern Women."

The inner lipstick stick length for about 2cm with diameter 1cm, looks glittery, and retractable. The main point of Rouge Hg is the subtle color. The texture is creamy with silky-glossy finish while the pigmentation is sheer when applied on the lips which is more like a colored-lip balm, has subtle micro-glitter, fragrance-free but not build-able. Nice choice for those heavy eye-makeup lover by balancing it with delicate color from the lipstick. However, the product downside makes the staying power only lasts around 4 hours or even started to fade away after eating. Re-application might needed.

As already mentioned above, the color payoff is likely sheer with glossy and waxy finish. Comparing to Artdeco lipstick (which is a German-brand), KATE Rouge Hg is less pigmented than Artdeco. Generally, Rouge Hg is like another Japanese pout product; enhances your natural dewiness and lip color.


My verdict?
Impressive. Japanese lip products show that another definition of beauty is by "enhancing your true natural color". However, I might find Japanese products seem promoting "full-lips" as a beauty standard in Japan, since most lip products I have already has sheer or less-pigmentation yet offer glossy or plumping effect (ex. Canmake.) The product itself is total worthy especially if you want to get full-lips effect instantly. The pigmentation is okay (if you're not into vivid color at the moment), the subtle-glitter doesn't bother me at all, while the plumping-effect is still acceptable. I might say the downside are; it only stays for about 4 hours, feels waxy (for those who don't like waxy feeling), and quite pricey.

The product might be a turn-over for some people, but if you're into simple stuff or in the mood of lazy-day then it's a good option. Without putting so much effort, it gives you a full-lips effect by instant. In the other hand, the color RS-9 is matched with my warm-skin tone/south-east Asian tone; doesn't make you look pale due to it's subtle color. You can check MYSUGARCOFFEE review for more reference. Btw, if you're into the viral of this Kazakh Volley ball U-19 national player; Sabina Altynbekova, then we are into the same team enchanted by this cutie-baby-face girl For now, it's time to say goodbye and see you in my other post :*

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