Jul 16, 2014

KATE & Visée Early Birthday Haul

Hello Beauty addict! It's my another (impulsive) haul yet my early-birthday gift to myself! Hahaha. Another Japanese Make-up Brand from KATE Kanebo and Visee are complementing my July.

As you know, I'm a big fan of Japanese Make-up brand since forever; their texture and formula are like crazy even though quite expensive comparing to most Korean brand like Etude House, The Face Shop, etc. Finally, I decided to put a PO through IroIroShopu (gotta follow them first to get the real time price & promo) and totally in awe when my order arrived at office XD

There are 3 items in total, they are;
  1. KATE Powderless liquid for Cover in OC-D
  2. KATE Rouge Hg in RS-9
  3. Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in PK-3
In sum, I guessed all of these items are the most popular cosmetic products in Japan, if you ever seen Japanese Magazine then you'll realized that these items are often featured, therefore I just order the products based on the hype. Without wasting so much time, please have a look on my haul and wish you a very wonderful day~! Reviews are coming up! :)


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