Feb 12, 2018

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 01 Le Rouge (Kiss Edition)

Le Rouge is definitely a game changer.

Have you read my previous post of YSL RPC in 52 Rouge Rose? In short, I wasn't satisfy with the Rouge Rose color-wise; it's a tricky bright coral, if I might quote Emily from @paper_tigress "a white-based brights", that might look offensive for warm-tone skin (like mine). While RPC 52 Rouge Rose seems to enjoy its massive popularity in east-Asian market circa 2015, we barely forget that YSL has several preferred shades to enjoy for: 01 Le Rouge, 13 Le Orange, 70 Le Nu and universal flattering 09 Rose Stiletto, and so on.

Back to 2015 (Yes! Already that long time ago!) I decided to give it a shot to buy 01 Le Rouge from the Kiss & Love Collection as a collector item and turned to love it more than 52 Rouge Rose. YSL Kiss & Love Collection is a 2015 limited edition launch that only recap its 4 best shade to be exclusively designed with a red kissing mark all over its outer box and golden case, with additional kissing mark embossed within the bullet. The 4 chosen shades are 01 Le Rouge, 13 Le Orange, 19 Le Fuschia, and 70 Le Nude. It is retailed like the other permanent RPC, USD 36 or IDR 450.000 with 0.13 oz/3.8 g/3.8 ml net.

Le Rouge is YSL RPC trademark shade with a fiery red; a bright red which comes in warmer side. 

Le Rouge is a classic red; a vibrant red which often seen in Indonesian traditional wedding.
***FYI, as you can see in the above photo the outer box of the packaging came as original or permanent design (without the kiss mark imprints), so please make note that common retailed items are sold with kiss imprints on it.


A fiery red which perfectly epitomes a chili-red hue. Well, to be honest it almost looks similar with 52 Rouge Rose in terms of its satiny finish; a bright red which will reflect a faint light upon casting with direct lightning. The pigmentation is medium-opaque due to its creamy texture and has a creamy-satin finish. Longevity is normal up-to 3-4 hours before starts to fade away. The rest of comparison checklist like the packaging, case material, bullet material is basically the same with the permanent series so don't put too much expectation with YSL RPC Limited Edition collection: it's a permanent product encased in a special edition packaging.



My Verdict?
I really love the formula of Le Rouge 01, it is more creamier and comfortable than the infamous Rouge Rose 52 imo. The red color is universally flattering even though it has faint white cast upon facing direct light. Le Rouge smears easily so keep it mind to outline outer lip liner before application or frame your lips with powder to lock the color. You can watch Pearypie's video below for more inspo when using the ultra-glam red, Le Rouge. xo

Jan 11, 2018

CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in #507 Insoumise

Another love for CHANEL Beauty.

Hello! I can't believe it's already 2018 (Phew!) with many ups-and-downs on last year 2017, I'm finally able to manage it till this point. High-end product obviously something I'm hesitate to spend unless it delivers outstanding performance, aside to indulge my bad craving for lavish products. I believe every woman deserves to be the very best version of them self and self-love should come first; nobody can love you more except yourself, and please don't relate this post as egocentric self empowerment. It's a reminder for every woman to appreciate herself first before love another.

My self appreciation comes in the form of spending on lavish products with a certain reason; self appreciation mantra "I deserve it after working hard' or emotionally chosen because it reminds you with certain occasion or place. Ok, enough about the rambling.

My next purchase from Rouge Coco Shine range based on my satisfied experience with RCS in "Liberte". It delivers subtle amount of gloss without drying your lips. Retailed for SGD 41 (IDR 450.000) and available exclusively on Chanel boutiques or DFS.

Brief introduction; Chanel Rouge Coco Shine promotes a healthy, luscious lips with shiny finish. The case is typical Chanel packaging; black, sleek and classy. Coco Shine has slimmer and smaller tube than her sibling Rouge Coco which comes in denser and creamy finish. Has 3gr net product and Made in France (oh là là). My previous review of Rouge Coco Shine "Liberte" can be found here.

Outer Box


"Insoumise" or simply google translate it as "Rebelious", is a warm-coral shade which leans to red. The pigmentation is sheer but build-able with subtle shiny finish. Staying power lasts for 2-3 hours and needs re-application after starts to fade away. It covers dark-lips perfectly and wont create bulky nor patchy dry flakes; however prep your lips to achieve lustrous shiny finish.


As you can see, Insoumise is more vibrant and red than Liberte; Insoumise also more vivid than the predecessor. It was launched as part of Chanel 2016 Summer collection (If I'm not mistaken). Insoumise delivers clear and shiny texture whereas Liberte has micro shimmer but hardly seen because it's more noticeable one the bullet and required thorough observation.

My Verdict?
I'm really enjoying Rouge Coco Shine range because it delivers shine with classy finish despite the enormous wave of liquid-matte lipstick trend. It successfully portrays the epitome of Gabrielle Chanel: Classy. Insoumise is more 'traditional' than Liberte due to the absence of shimmery particles but can manage to transform whole look into sophisticated style. Single swipe creates effortless shiny finish and add more swipes to create bold and vibrant look with intense shiny finish. However, after several hours the shiny finish starts to fade and will leave stain behind; not only subtle stain color but more intense stain. RCS range is something I should have and collect from Chanel Beauty, therefore I don't regret any single penny spend despite the hefty price.

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