Jul 29, 2015

REVLON Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in Black Brown

A present from blog competition contest sponsored by REVLON Indonesia.

The Colorstay skinny liquid liner is an extended line from their permanent Colorstay liquid liner. The term "skinny" is to define the thin and flexible tip that allows it to create a thin and precise line up to 0.1mm.


Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner

Black Brown (4 shades)

2.5 ml


The product comes in a monotone black-brown tube with attached handler-cap almost similar with the previous Colorstay liquid liner whereas skinny liner has longer handler-cap.
Product Description:
• 0.1mm skinny tip liner that lasts all day
• Easy to apply with mistake proof control
• Bold, even color in one stroke
• Ophthalmologist Tested

• 0.1 MM tip for the ultimate skinny line
• Won’t smudge, fade or transfer
• All Day Wear
The flexible-felt tip allows you to create possibly thinnest line 0.1mm yet the flexibility of the tip gets very tricky since it can easily bending prior your consent.You can get another review from makeuptips, paula's choice, and makeup alley.


Swatch on the model; courtesy of Revlon US

My Verdict?
Not a very fan of this product. Even though it promises an impeccably thinnest 0.01mm but the finish result doesn't satisfy me. I have an uneven eye lid (read: wrinkling lids, as you can see above) and this flexible felt-tip surprisingly feels harsh upon application and creates uneven strokes. I can feel the rough texture of the felt-tip and it bothers me. Furthermore, this product couldn't stand against hot temperature and it's easily fading away and making your eyelid stuck on each creases. Those marketing promises didn't imply to me. Semi-opaque, fragrance-free, semi-matte not glossy, and easily to wipe off. Well, I guess the 0.01mm marketing technique misses the target since normal people like us don't need precisely 0.01mm liner, right?

Jul 27, 2015

REVLON Wet/Dry Shadow in Fleshtone

A present from blog competition contest sponsored by REVLON Indonesia.

Another discontinued product from Revlon US, however Revlon Indonesia still keep this series as a gift. I wouldn't reviewed much about this product since this product no longer circulates around the market.


Wet/Dry Eye Shadow


3.8 gr



Revlon Wet/Dry shadow comes in 2 type: the quad and the duo. The quad consists of 4 colors palette while duo comes in 2 color shadows. The eyeshadow reviewed here comes in Duo; Fleshtone, a neutral duo of Brown. The duos have 2 contrasting shades; a dark-cappuccino shade and a vanilla-white shade. Powdery-matte texture with decent pigmentation minus glittery/shimmering particles, don't expect noticeable finish (unless you wore primer beforehand) since the chalky texture creates so much excess powder that doesn't deliver much pigmentation. Decent staying power, fragrance-free and overall I might say that this product is decent; nothing special. If you're still curious about this product, you can check Makeup Alley or Indonesia Blogger review.



My Verdict?
Nothing special; pass it on if you're looking for more worthy eyeshadow.

Jul 24, 2015

REVLON Naturally Glamorous Blush in 17 Soft Spoken Pink

A present from blog competition contest sponsored by REVLON Indonesia. 

Naturally glamorous blush-on is a permanent powder blush-on range from Revlon. The original shade #17 Soft Spoken Pink was discontinued and preceded with the Powder Blush-on 001 - Oh Baby! Pink; a muted rose-pink with a hint of mauve.


Powder Blush-On

9 shades available

5 gr

IDR 80.000


"Our ultra-soft, silky powder blush adds a natural flush of color to your cheeks and looks freshly applied all day. Enhance your complexion instantly."

The product promotes to (taken from Revlon's website) :
• Provides a natural flush of color with a soft satin finish
• Enhances cheekbones instantly
• Easy to blend, buildable color
• Available in 9 amazing shades

The closest to real life color

The packaging? Nevertheless to say, plain simple. Nothing's interesting. The case is equipped with a lid-size mirror and a brush. Forget about the provided brush: definitely cheapskate quality, it's poking on the cheek and creates overlapping mess. Go for a synthetic brush or superrr-soft quality brush out there.

BUT the texture and pigmentation result impress me. The texture is powdery with a tinge sheen finish whereas the pigmentation on the pan is subtly vivid; a dusky-rose in a muted hue with a hint of mauve. Tried to swatch the blusher across the cheek and I can see a subtle flush of pink which promotes a silky-sheen finish. Fragrance-free and long-lasting. The blusher in this review comes from their old packaging, the current one comes like picture below with a transparent panel to showcase the blusher's color.

Official swatch taken from Revlon's website

My Verdict?
It's decent enough for a low-end product like Revlon, I expect so much from their Colorstay  series but not for their permanent decorative product. The naturally glamorous blusher has abundant subtle shades available with muted pigmentation, powdery-matte result and satin finish. People with warm skin-tone like me showcases subtle blusher better (imho) by creating flush of color in their apple of the cheek so you don't have to be worried going over-board. The finish stays for about 3 hours onward and starts to fade away. I might reach this product for my lazy days or when I have to tame down noticeable vibrant lipstick. If you're looking for obvious result, you better choose another blusher. You can check another review in Indonesian language. Wishing you a nice weekend, fellas!

Jul 23, 2015

REVLON Colorstay Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic

Endorsed products. A product-gift from blog competition contest sponsored by REVLON Indonesia. You can check my entry for their competition or read my previous post about Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain here.

I might copy-paste several text for this post since I thoroughly reviewed same product in the previous post and it will be indicated with Italic font.

Another popular product from Revlon. According to REVLON official website, it promotes "A new level of glossy wet color. Saturated lips with brilliant shine and vivid color. Available in 12 luscious shades." Whereas the product itself creates :
- Drenches lips in glossy wet color
- Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe
- 88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness 
It is retailed around IDR 89.000 and available in most leading drug-stores and Revlon's counters all over Indonesia. The only available shades in Indonesia are consisting of 10 shades with vibrant and colorful hue to complement South-east Asia skin tone's. (nb: the color in the pictures may vary depends on the lightning, your screen or other aspects related)

Frankly to say, I hope India Intrigue will come down as a present, but it turns out to be Stockholm Chic, a lavish warm-brown with a hint of red.

The Moisture Stain packaging comes in a sleek black-lacquered tube in a rectangular shape as the chosen shade is visible from outer tube. The texture wise is liquid yet not greasy; a lil bit thick but feels moisturizing on the lips. The color pigmentation is consistently vivid even though the texture is creamy-liquid. Stockholm Chic is a warm-brown shade with a hint of red. The color on the tube slightly towards vamp hue but when applied it turns warmer hue. Fragrance-free and last for up to 4 hours onwards. In sum, this product is pretty decent and the moisturizing stain-gloss result is satisfying; 1 swipe for hint of color and 2 swipes for creating vividly lush lips.

My Verdict?
Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain never turns me down; the lush and moisturizing texture feels comfortable on my lips and doesn't feel greasy nor sticky unlike typical gloss. The shade is pretty decent; on the pigmentation side it creates an opaque creamy-liquid finish yet... the shade chosen doesn't fit on me :( The color on the tube seems slightly vamp hue; an oxblood shade with a hint of red, but when applied on the lips it turned reddish-brown! Auburn precisely. Swatch above shows you the color applied on the lips (2 swipes) with noticeable gloss finish. Personally I think the shade doesn't fit on me, it makes me looks 'gloomy', perhaps woman with paler skin tone or crystal-clear skin will showcase the shade much better.

Jul 22, 2015


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

Selamat Hari Raya! Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin! 
Setelah libur panjang akhirnya kembali bercuap di blog ini. Sebenarnya sih mau menulis judulnya "Wife Material" tapi nanti gw disangka "aneh" lagi karena nulis postingan soal artis cewe :)) Mungkin karena gw sering download dan baca majalah Jepang (mostly) dan Korea (several times), bisa dibilang gw lebih tahu artis Jepang-Korea ketimbang artis Indonesia sendiri :)) 

Kumpulan foto di bawah ini adalah kumpulan artis-artis Jepang dan Korea yang menurut gw sangat cantik (pastinya) dan juga menarik, memiliki talenta, kecantikkan dan inner beauty yang terpancar; sumber inspirasi. Siapakah mereka?


Park ShinHye

Choi SooYoung

Shin Min Ah


Mika Nakashima

Miyazaki Aoi

Haruka Shimazaki
(Menurut gw sih Haruka Shimazaki ini adiknya Aoi Miyazaki yang hilang selama ini :))

Kiko Mizuhara

Asami Reina

Tsubasa Honda

Yui Aragaki

Mirei Kiritani

Akari Hayami

Haruka Nakagawa
(Lalu ada si Endut dengan lengannya yang montok...eh bukannya dia orang Indonesia? Keke)

Jessica Veranda
But when it comes to emeshin, Ve JKT48 won my heart!

Tidak menutup kemungkinan gw akan menambahkan artis lainnya di lain waktu, untuk kali ini cukup sampai disini dulu. Jaa! Mata nee!

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