Jul 14, 2015

CANMAKE Jewelstar Eyes in 06 Pearl Brown

Another Canmake's trademark! Jewelstar Eyes in neutral shade Pearl Brown.

Even though I already reviewed briefly the Jewelstar Eyes in discontinued shade here but since I've got the same product in from Canmake Indonesia quiz, then I decided to choose the neutral shade as comparison.


Jewelstar Eyes #06 Pearl Brown
(ジュエルスターアイズ) ([06]パールブラウン☆)

#01, #06, #07, #10, #12, #16


Yen 580 (before VAT); IDR128.000


"Have I told you that I won Canmake Indonesia quiz and received 3 gorgeous make-up products which is one of the product I reviewed here?"

Real life photo (almost similar with real life color)

"A new texture! Eyeshadow with a wet-look shimmer. Create a sparkle that you cannot achieve with powder eyeshadow! Lame particles will not shed and you have perfect control over the sparkle and color, according to how you apply it. Six new shades!!!"

The melting texture with a high proportion of pearl particles creates a pearl-rich shimmer.
·Long-lasting sparkle that will look just as good on your eyes as it does in the packaging.
·Vibrant colors that give a finish that you will love, even when using them on their own.  
Perfect control over the sparkle and color, according to how you apply it.
·Layer the shades for an opulent finish like the sparkle of jewels.
·Blend over the eye socket to create a delicate, sophisticated sparkle like stardust.
·The soft, gel-like texture dries the second you apply it.
 (Taken from Canmake official website)

Courtesy of musicalhouses.blogspot.com

Jewelstar Eyes is a permanent creamy eyeshadow from Canmake which features dazzling of glitter with wet finish look. The available shades in Japan numbers to 6 shades while Canmake Indonesia displays several discontinued shade in Japan like 02 Zircon Blue and 04 Chandelier Pink. The ingredients and information is written in Japanese with additional info written in Indonesia. The Canmake logo imprinted in front displays a holographic colors to resemble jewelry sparks.
Canmake Jewelstar Eyes is displayed singularly in a clear sturdy plastic case without any additional equipment like brush nor mirror; just a single creamy eyeshadow. The texture is creamy with velvety-wet finish (for neutral shade like Brown) which dries up easily upon application whereas pastel color tends to create subtle pigmentation with strong silvery-shimmer. Pearl Brown has brown-gold glittery cast; the shimmer screams for 'party' with audacious glitter reflection. Fragrance-free and staying power lasts up to 6 hours onward. Permanent product.


For comparison

My Verdict?
I'm not really a fan of cream eyeshadow especially the one with heavily pigmented glitter since the glitter particle will migrate and creates patchy mess over the eyelid. But hey, Jewelstar Eyes finish is surprisingly exquisite; the color transfer is good for bold/neutral shade like brown shade and the glitter particle doesn't feel chunky nor creates (tremendous) patchy mess. The color pigmentation slowly fades away over the time leaves the glitter particles behind which is forgiven, I think. In case if you have oily eyelid or been in hectic activities then embrace yourself to deal with strand of glittery creases on your eye fold. In sum, I like Pearl Brown than Chandelier Pink which I've owned already; neutral shades works well on me and Brown color is build-able than Pink. People with fairer skin tone will showcase pastel/subdued shade better than warm-tone skin like me and also people with minimal dark-circle & baggy eyes, imho. For further info, you can also check other reviews here and here. Thank you for reading readers!


  1. I´m not so fan of glitter but that Pearl Brown is super cute!


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