Jul 13, 2015

CANMAKE Cheek & Cheek in 01 Candy Flower

Another Canmake best selling blush-on! A subtle-glittery duo color blush-on that comes in one packaging; Canmake Cheek & Cheek.

You might familiar with Canmake Cream Cheek but another must-have item for Japanese women is Canmake Cheek & Cheek; duo color blush-on which provides 2 different colors with finely milled glitter to create healthy flush cheek.


Cheek & Cheek #01 Candy Flower
(チーク&チーク) ([01]キャンディーフラワー☆)

#01, #05, #06, #08

Around 4gr

Yen 680 (before VAT); IDR158.000


"Have I told you that I won Canmake Indonesia quiz and received 3 gorgeous make-up products which is one of the product I reviewed here?"

 Real life photo (mostly similar with the real life color)

"Flower-like colors. High-color shades that will make it look as though your cheeks are suddenly flushed with happiness. The moist powder clings tightly to your cheeks. Use the two shades cleverly to make your face look  smaller! Layer the two shades to discover your very own color!"
Light and moist, clinging to your skin!
・ It's moist, even though it's a powder.
Clings tightly to your skin, ensuring that the color lasts for hours ★

Superb color, with just one sweep of the brush!
・ With just one sweep of the brush, you can create superb color that looks as though your skin has flushed slightly. Although it creates a high-color effect, it also projects an airy look, achieving an exquisite balance between the two.

The dual shades enable you to make your face look smaller!
・ Apply a circle of blusher to your cheeks and sweep the brush along the line under your cheekbone, then layer the other shade over the top, to make your face look smaller!

Mix the two shades to create your very own original shade!
・ Mix the two shades together to create a fresh new color that you will encounter for the first time! Use alone or together - the combinations are unlimited!

Contains moisturizers and emollients
・ Emollients Keep your skin supple and healthy: Squalane, jojoba oil
・ Moisturizers Keep your skin moist: Hyaluronic acid, ectoine
・ Cranberry extract, bilberry extract, rosemary leaf extract
★Handy Hint★
・ Use Cream Cheek as a base, then layer Cheek&cheek over the top, to make the color last even longer!
(Taken from Canmake website)

Canmake Cheek & Cheek often featured in Japanese beauty page as the most popular drugstore blush-on after Cream Cheek & Glow Fleur Blush-on. The blush-on is encased in a clear plastic case equipped with a synthetic brush which feels so soft. Product ingredients & information is written at the back side of the casing but unfortunately it's written in Japanese. However, you might follow the diagram shown for how-to instruction.

The texture of both blush-on shade is powdery-soft; as mentioned earlier the Cheek & Cheek is enriched with Squalane & Jojoba Oil to keep the cheek supple, whereas Hyaluronic Acid helps to moisten the skin so Cheek & Cheek won't easily create dry patches and drying out your skin. The glitter is finely milled and doesn't obviously shimmer on the skin upon application. Candy Flower pigmentation is subtly-pigmented yet gives radiant glow on your cheek. The Pink shade is a bit pale and subdued for warm-tone skin like mine but the Coral-Orange on the right side flaunts a healthy-flush finish. Staying power is average 4-5 hours and Cheek & Cheek is fragrance-free.

Swatch: Blended together

My Verdict?
Cheek & Cheek is screaming for Kawaii~ Even though the Cheek & Cheek product doesn't echo much comparing to Cream Cheek but it's worth the try; the powdery texture feels so soft while gives radiant & subtle finish. If you're looking for healthy flush with powdery-subtle finish you might turn over to this product. Unfortunately, the Pink blush doesn't deliver much color on the skin, it gives only subdued color comparing to the Orange shade. I guess people with fairer-tone skin will suit more with the pale Pink. I addition, I might say that the tiny applicator brush doesn't help much; the tiny size doesn't disperse the color evenly so I usually end up using slated blush-brush or medium-size brush. Another tips as already written in Canmake website: by applying Cheek & Cheek after Cream Cheek as base color. (Note: the shade color above doesn't deliver real life color since the lightning during the photo shoot was clear-bright weather, you may check other review here as comparison) Thank you for reading and have a nice looong weekend


  1. This product looks very nice but I can't help but feel like it looks a bit cheap? Little girls' make up and stuff. Thanks for the review!

    Julia x Wing Me a Dream

    1. Yes, comparing to other Japanese drugstore products, Canmake packaging often looks bit cheap and mediocre yet their product quality is fine for a drugstore products, I should say. Thanks for reading dear! :)


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