Jun 16, 2013

SILKY GIRL Teenage Dreams Lipstick

Hello there~! Do you know that I'm a sucker for lipsticks >.< thus I'm gonna review another drugstore price make-up product from Silky Girl. Let's have an introduction with this Malaysian cosmetics range :)

The first time I saw this lipstick because of it's drug-store price, kekeke. The price ranges around IDR 22.000, while I bought it for only IDR 16.000 in Watson :D cheapy, isn't it? I was desperately searching the 'right' nude color since I have dark lips and reddish face skin, so, wearing a nude color is either a HIT or MISS (`_´)ゞ duh!

The first time I saw Silky Girl lipstick, I thought of "Teenage Make-up Range", so it does. FYI, the brand ambassador in Indonesia is Ms. Gita Gutawa whose famously known as teenage pop singer. So it does count that Silky Girl market target is teenagers, even though 20-something woman like me can do the count *upss*.

Instead of the price range, the reason I choose this lipstick is because (to be honest) nude or brown color lipstick is not gonna be my best-friend-lip-color-throughout-the-day ( ̄◇ ̄;) so, drug store prices lipstick won't hurt that much (if I chose the MISSED color).


It turns out that the color suits me, very, very well~! YIPPIE~!   ( ^∀^)

I can't imagine, in my life, I finally found the 'right' brown color in Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #08 Warm Brown. The color tone is more alike terracotta. Fits my reddish face skin very well~   (❛ᴗ❛人)✧
Covers the dark line in my outer lip line  (^O^)♡ smooth-en my lips; what a great coverage!

Thus, I'm craving for more color~!

On the following week, I decided to buy another color from the same range product *___* this time I got head-over-heels to Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #05 Dark Brown ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノI was so excited to find this ultimate nude color that I'm barely screeching when I tried the product in the counter, ehem, behave girl. The color is almost like lighter shade of brown to me with a hint of orange. 

Again~! I bought another shade Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #01 Light Brown and came home with satisfying and over-joyed feeling ♡。゚(゚´×`゚)゚。♡ This color is the lighter version of the #05 Dark Brown, it is more lighter and nude-r. Amazingly, it suits well with my dark lips   ( ´ー`)y- Happyyyyy~ 

Over all, the result is satisfying;

+ Sleek package: with simple Black tube
+ It glides smoothly
+ Great coverage
+ Satisfying result: not matte nor too sticky nor too sheer. Just enough pigmentation with a creamy finish and no-annoying-glittery-finish
+ Moisturize well
+ No-fragrance
+ Affordable ♡

Somehow, I do have to admit that;

- By the time I opened the cap, perhaps due to untrained SPG who irresponsibly put the lipstick tube upside-down under a display lamp, the stick came out from it's white plastic tube (「゚Д゚)「 resulted in awful condition when you open it for the first time
- Perhaps, due to it's light weighted cream sometime the stick won't stay in place...err, I mean it goes to the direction where you usually stroke and glide the stick in your lips. Worse, it stained one side of the inner plastic tube
- They have less choice color in Indonesia~! When I tried browsing in the web, it turned out that there are 15 shades in Malaysia and Singapore, while Indonesia only has 10. Hiks.

Over all, if you're interested with other Silky Girl products you can check their make-up range here.

Okay, enough of chit-chat, let's take a look at the photos (minus the Moisture Smooth #01 Light Brown due to my mistake, gomen-nee T-T )

Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #08 Warm Brown

Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #05 Dark Brown

Under Natural Light
Under Natural Light
With Flash
Gita Gutawa: Silky Girl Brand Ambassador Indonesia

Isn't she, Gita, cute? Pardon me, if the following spam pics could cause you inconvenient viewing discretion; after you scroll down the page you're gonna see my spamming pictures using the Silky Girl lip color...hope you enjoy ♪~(´ε` )

In Dark Brown shade (Flash)
What do you think? Give me a thought if you don't mind. See you in my other post, people ^^

Jun 6, 2013

All Hail to the Queen: Shiina Ringo

"Nothing Lasts Forever"

May be it's the right phrase to understand the meaning of Shiina Ringo's latest single " いろはにほへと " and to better understand that everything in life is impermanent.

Been a while since I post the last Music Compilation in April (If I'm not mistaken). May I proudly announce you that last May was the month of Shiina Ringo-san; first reason for her latest single " いろはにほへと" and second reason for the looooooonng awaited Shiina Ringo-san channel on Youtube: SheenaRingoVEVO, or SR Official.

Finally, there is one stop channel to view and listen most of her singles in Youtube :3 Barely I can't stop shrieking when I found out her channel in Youtube. The Video quality is 2 THUMBS UP (HD); the sound quality also five-star rating and nevertheless to say, there's such a LEGAL place to view her master piece(s) since many video was banned due to copyright restriction of SMEJap*n -__- Without further ado, kindly check provided Youtube Official Page of Shiina Ringo :)
椎名林檎 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~
Shiina Ringo - Stem (At Play With a Feudal Lord)

Source: Youtube

Life's Beach: Pari Island

Finally! Another beach adventure! I love to soak up the sun and play with the swirl of the tides. I was so excited to go to one of famous island in Thousand Island last May: the Pari Island (Pulau Pari).

Since we had have to depart from my house in Depok *_* therefore 3 friends of mine had to over night at my home to catch the first train in the morning (4.30 AM Peeeeooopllleee~); instead of sleeping, four of us were chatting until it was 1 AM in the middle of the night *_*

4 AM in the dawn *yawn* we departed to Jakarta Kota train station. The first train from Bogor Station departs at 4 AM in the morning and arrives 4.30 AM in Depok Baru Station. After we arrived at Jakarta Kota Station, we decided to take 'Bajaj' to the Muara Angke Harbour. Please note that during the national holiday Muara Angke Harbour is specifically more than crowded, it is more like a 'sardines tin'. The best way to reach the ship's anchorage is either by 'ojek' or by feet :/

After we reached the boat, we had to compete with each passenger to get the 'seating place' since there's no seat inside the boat. The trip to Pari Island itself took 2 hours approx. By the time we reached the Pari Island, the beautiful Pari Island deck welcomes us. Awesome! Felt like we already outside and far from hectic Jakarta!

If you already signed / booked from travel agent then no worries at all. The agent must prepare you all the preparations including accommodation, meals, snorkeling, etc. Mine only paid 310K IDR for full trip 2D1N :D *Grins* cheapo because we booked from friend of friend's tour package.

First day was not so good and memorable, we went for snorkeling but it ended up miserable due to the weather condition; the tide was quite high and strong, raining, and we only had 1 hour for snorkeling. Hiks. I ended up with sea sick; perhaps I accidently drank quite amount of sea water / I was not in a good shape / I got 'enter wind' or gastric problem :< luckily my friend helped me to get through those almost-throwing-up situation ^^ so, don't forget to bring your own first aid kit.

At the end of the day (It was Saturday nightttt), we had seafood barbeque by the beach! Under the full moon! Starry Sky! Clear night sky! So sweet! ♥ Unforgettable moment! All of us were singing, chatting, and even playing silly psychology games. We had really great time together with other group.

We spent the second day by bicycling and playing by the beach. One of the most beautiful and famous beach in Pari Island is the Virgin Beach (Pantai Perawan), even though it's no longer virgin since many people already been there :))) We continued our journey to LIPI beach on the other side of the island and FOUND a lot of still live Patrick! Starfish! Gyaaa. I was so excited yet scared; since the starfish tentacles drove me crazy, ewww.

Unfortunately, before the noon we have to come to Muara Angke Harbor and face reality :( Many, many, many thanks send to Mas Ashlam and Kang "Duta" :D for their hospitality and service. See you again in another trip!!! :>
Souvenir from Pari Island: Stung by sea creature :"D
Note: For more complete photos, kindly check my Flickr account for more convenient viewing. Thank you :)

Source: An Nur Khairisa's Facebook, Private Photos

Jun 3, 2013

Ichikami x Kracie Naive

Have you ever heard about Kracie? or Ichikami? 

These brands are widely known in Japan and been established since 1887. Kracie company itself also handles other products instead of body care, for more information you can check out their website here ---> Kracie

" Kracie operates in the fields of toiletries & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods, all of which are closely related to the everyday lives of our customers.

In the field of toiletries & cosmetics, we offer daily necessities like body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners, styling products, bath salts, depilatory products, basic skin care products, as well as products for business/professional use including those for beauty salons, hotels, golf resorts, and urban spas. In the field of pharmaceuticals, we mainly offer Kampo medicines as OTC (Over the Counter) products for consumers as well as for medical use. In the field of foods, we handle natural confectioneries, fun sweets (DIY for kids), chewing gums, candies, refreshing breath mints, ice cream, and drink powders. "

I do love at first sight with their facial foam product, Kracie Naive Peach Foam :3 here's a sneak peak:
and here's a look from the Kracie Naive Peach Foam :3 cute isn't it?

Aaaannndd *jreng jreng* I got a brochure from Kracie and Ichikami product by the time when I was in Train Station waiting for a train to get home, the SPG also gave me FREE Ichikami Tester Shampoo & Conditioner and also Original size of Kracie Naive Rose Foam for free~! Yay!

You can take a look of the Brochure (only distributed in Indonesia) here :3

Still alive photos is cominggg~ Check it out~!

I got the original size tube :3
With Rose Extract: Slightly smell of Rose
However, for me, the scent is not so fragranced :/ since I love fragrant product ^^
Take a corn-size of the lotion
VOILA~! Tempting lather

credits: Google, Blogspot

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