Jun 3, 2013

Ichikami x Kracie Naive

Have you ever heard about Kracie? or Ichikami? 

These brands are widely known in Japan and been established since 1887. Kracie company itself also handles other products instead of body care, for more information you can check out their website here ---> Kracie

" Kracie operates in the fields of toiletries & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods, all of which are closely related to the everyday lives of our customers.

In the field of toiletries & cosmetics, we offer daily necessities like body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners, styling products, bath salts, depilatory products, basic skin care products, as well as products for business/professional use including those for beauty salons, hotels, golf resorts, and urban spas. In the field of pharmaceuticals, we mainly offer Kampo medicines as OTC (Over the Counter) products for consumers as well as for medical use. In the field of foods, we handle natural confectioneries, fun sweets (DIY for kids), chewing gums, candies, refreshing breath mints, ice cream, and drink powders. "

I do love at first sight with their facial foam product, Kracie Naive Peach Foam :3 here's a sneak peak:
and here's a look from the Kracie Naive Peach Foam :3 cute isn't it?

Aaaannndd *jreng jreng* I got a brochure from Kracie and Ichikami product by the time when I was in Train Station waiting for a train to get home, the SPG also gave me FREE Ichikami Tester Shampoo & Conditioner and also Original size of Kracie Naive Rose Foam for free~! Yay!

You can take a look of the Brochure (only distributed in Indonesia) here :3

Still alive photos is cominggg~ Check it out~!

I got the original size tube :3
With Rose Extract: Slightly smell of Rose
However, for me, the scent is not so fragranced :/ since I love fragrant product ^^
Take a corn-size of the lotion
VOILA~! Tempting lather

credits: Google, Blogspot

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  1. Sharing aja... Bila mencari produk Ichikami atau beauty prod Jpn lainnya bisa melalui ol shop ini. Ramah & cepat pelyanan nya.


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