Jun 6, 2013

All Hail to the Queen: Shiina Ringo

"Nothing Lasts Forever"

May be it's the right phrase to understand the meaning of Shiina Ringo's latest single " いろはにほへと " and to better understand that everything in life is impermanent.

Been a while since I post the last Music Compilation in April (If I'm not mistaken). May I proudly announce you that last May was the month of Shiina Ringo-san; first reason for her latest single " いろはにほへと" and second reason for the looooooonng awaited Shiina Ringo-san channel on Youtube: SheenaRingoVEVO, or SR Official.

Finally, there is one stop channel to view and listen most of her singles in Youtube :3 Barely I can't stop shrieking when I found out her channel in Youtube. The Video quality is 2 THUMBS UP (HD); the sound quality also five-star rating and nevertheless to say, there's such a LEGAL place to view her master piece(s) since many video was banned due to copyright restriction of SMEJap*n -__- Without further ado, kindly check provided Youtube Official Page of Shiina Ringo :)
椎名林檎 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~
Shiina Ringo - Stem (At Play With a Feudal Lord)

Source: Youtube

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