Jun 6, 2013

Life's Beach: Pari Island

Finally! Another beach adventure! I love to soak up the sun and play with the swirl of the tides. I was so excited to go to one of famous island in Thousand Island last May: the Pari Island (Pulau Pari).

Since we had have to depart from my house in Depok *_* therefore 3 friends of mine had to over night at my home to catch the first train in the morning (4.30 AM Peeeeooopllleee~); instead of sleeping, four of us were chatting until it was 1 AM in the middle of the night *_*

4 AM in the dawn *yawn* we departed to Jakarta Kota train station. The first train from Bogor Station departs at 4 AM in the morning and arrives 4.30 AM in Depok Baru Station. After we arrived at Jakarta Kota Station, we decided to take 'Bajaj' to the Muara Angke Harbour. Please note that during the national holiday Muara Angke Harbour is specifically more than crowded, it is more like a 'sardines tin'. The best way to reach the ship's anchorage is either by 'ojek' or by feet :/

After we reached the boat, we had to compete with each passenger to get the 'seating place' since there's no seat inside the boat. The trip to Pari Island itself took 2 hours approx. By the time we reached the Pari Island, the beautiful Pari Island deck welcomes us. Awesome! Felt like we already outside and far from hectic Jakarta!

If you already signed / booked from travel agent then no worries at all. The agent must prepare you all the preparations including accommodation, meals, snorkeling, etc. Mine only paid 310K IDR for full trip 2D1N :D *Grins* cheapo because we booked from friend of friend's tour package.

First day was not so good and memorable, we went for snorkeling but it ended up miserable due to the weather condition; the tide was quite high and strong, raining, and we only had 1 hour for snorkeling. Hiks. I ended up with sea sick; perhaps I accidently drank quite amount of sea water / I was not in a good shape / I got 'enter wind' or gastric problem :< luckily my friend helped me to get through those almost-throwing-up situation ^^ so, don't forget to bring your own first aid kit.

At the end of the day (It was Saturday nightttt), we had seafood barbeque by the beach! Under the full moon! Starry Sky! Clear night sky! So sweet! ♥ Unforgettable moment! All of us were singing, chatting, and even playing silly psychology games. We had really great time together with other group.

We spent the second day by bicycling and playing by the beach. One of the most beautiful and famous beach in Pari Island is the Virgin Beach (Pantai Perawan), even though it's no longer virgin since many people already been there :))) We continued our journey to LIPI beach on the other side of the island and FOUND a lot of still live Patrick! Starfish! Gyaaa. I was so excited yet scared; since the starfish tentacles drove me crazy, ewww.

Unfortunately, before the noon we have to come to Muara Angke Harbor and face reality :( Many, many, many thanks send to Mas Ashlam and Kang "Duta" :D for their hospitality and service. See you again in another trip!!! :>
Souvenir from Pari Island: Stung by sea creature :"D
Note: For more complete photos, kindly check my Flickr account for more convenient viewing. Thank you :)

Source: An Nur Khairisa's Facebook, Private Photos

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