Jun 16, 2013

SILKY GIRL Teenage Dreams Lipstick

Hello there~! Do you know that I'm a sucker for lipsticks >.< thus I'm gonna review another drugstore price make-up product from Silky Girl. Let's have an introduction with this Malaysian cosmetics range :)

The first time I saw this lipstick because of it's drug-store price, kekeke. The price ranges around IDR 22.000, while I bought it for only IDR 16.000 in Watson :D cheapy, isn't it? I was desperately searching the 'right' nude color since I have dark lips and reddish face skin, so, wearing a nude color is either a HIT or MISS (`_´)ゞ duh!

The first time I saw Silky Girl lipstick, I thought of "Teenage Make-up Range", so it does. FYI, the brand ambassador in Indonesia is Ms. Gita Gutawa whose famously known as teenage pop singer. So it does count that Silky Girl market target is teenagers, even though 20-something woman like me can do the count *upss*.

Instead of the price range, the reason I choose this lipstick is because (to be honest) nude or brown color lipstick is not gonna be my best-friend-lip-color-throughout-the-day ( ̄◇ ̄;) so, drug store prices lipstick won't hurt that much (if I chose the MISSED color).


It turns out that the color suits me, very, very well~! YIPPIE~!   ( ^∀^)

I can't imagine, in my life, I finally found the 'right' brown color in Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #08 Warm Brown. The color tone is more alike terracotta. Fits my reddish face skin very well~   (❛ᴗ❛人)✧
Covers the dark line in my outer lip line  (^O^)♡ smooth-en my lips; what a great coverage!

Thus, I'm craving for more color~!

On the following week, I decided to buy another color from the same range product *___* this time I got head-over-heels to Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #05 Dark Brown ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノI was so excited to find this ultimate nude color that I'm barely screeching when I tried the product in the counter, ehem, behave girl. The color is almost like lighter shade of brown to me with a hint of orange. 

Again~! I bought another shade Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #01 Light Brown and came home with satisfying and over-joyed feeling ♡。゚(゚´×`゚)゚。♡ This color is the lighter version of the #05 Dark Brown, it is more lighter and nude-r. Amazingly, it suits well with my dark lips   ( ´ー`)y- Happyyyyy~ 

Over all, the result is satisfying;

+ Sleek package: with simple Black tube
+ It glides smoothly
+ Great coverage
+ Satisfying result: not matte nor too sticky nor too sheer. Just enough pigmentation with a creamy finish and no-annoying-glittery-finish
+ Moisturize well
+ No-fragrance
+ Affordable ♡

Somehow, I do have to admit that;

- By the time I opened the cap, perhaps due to untrained SPG who irresponsibly put the lipstick tube upside-down under a display lamp, the stick came out from it's white plastic tube (「゚Д゚)「 resulted in awful condition when you open it for the first time
- Perhaps, due to it's light weighted cream sometime the stick won't stay in place...err, I mean it goes to the direction where you usually stroke and glide the stick in your lips. Worse, it stained one side of the inner plastic tube
- They have less choice color in Indonesia~! When I tried browsing in the web, it turned out that there are 15 shades in Malaysia and Singapore, while Indonesia only has 10. Hiks.

Over all, if you're interested with other Silky Girl products you can check their make-up range here.

Okay, enough of chit-chat, let's take a look at the photos (minus the Moisture Smooth #01 Light Brown due to my mistake, gomen-nee T-T )

Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #08 Warm Brown

Silky Girl Moisture Smooth #05 Dark Brown

Under Natural Light
Under Natural Light
With Flash
Gita Gutawa: Silky Girl Brand Ambassador Indonesia

Isn't she, Gita, cute? Pardon me, if the following spam pics could cause you inconvenient viewing discretion; after you scroll down the page you're gonna see my spamming pictures using the Silky Girl lip color...hope you enjoy ♪~(´ε` )

In Dark Brown shade (Flash)
What do you think? Give me a thought if you don't mind. See you in my other post, people ^^


  1. Warnanyaaaa bagussss apalagi yg merah itu silky girl juga? Murce ya silky girl

  2. Iyaaa, warna merahnya pigmented tapi gak 'norak' banget. Silky Girl murmer ci, cuman 22ribuan :)

  3. hallo mbak yuanita,,silky girl 05 jadi wishlist saya dan saya pinjem gambarnya satu. Hehe gpp ya...Ini linknya. Makasih sista ^^


    1. Dear AL, semoga fotonya dapat membantu kamu yaa dan soon your wishlist-comes-true :)



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