Jul 12, 2013

HADA LABO: Perfectly Simple

Another Japanese Skin Care Series from HADA LABO.

Been quite a long since my last post. So, here I am reviewing another well-known Japanese Skin Care: HADA LABO Perfect x Simple.

HADA LABO Skin Care has been widely-known-in-Japan for it's simple and perfect result to attain clear healthy skin. In Indonesia they have 3 main types: For Whitening, Moisturizing and Anti-Aging. Mine chose 'Whitening' series since I have love-and-hate problem with the sun shine that resulted in my tanned face -_-

I chose the HADA LABO Ultimate Whitening Milk for my beauty ritual before sleeping. As you can see it's packaging, the tagline of HADA LABO is Perfect x Simple. It contains High Purity Arbutin + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid. It's also Fragrance Free + Colorant Free. Nice~!

It says that this product can help to achieve "Bright Clear & Supple Skin." How come women don't get attracted to such jargon? LOL

The ingredients inside helps you to get brighter skin tone with it's High Purity Arbutin from Bearberry to brighten your skin tone and diminish dark spot + Vitamin C to avoid dull skin and against the free-radical of UV Ray + Hyaluronic Acid to moisten your skin; even they say 1 drop of Arbutin could lock up an ocean O_o waow. Love it <3 

For each series has 3-4 products; for Whitening, it has Whitening Milk, Lotion, Serum and Facial Foam.

TIPS: I used to clean my face before applying the milky liquid. Just pour two-three drops of milk lotion in your palms and then rub your palms until it absorbs well with your body-heat. Why? Because your body-heat (in your palms) help to deliver the ingredient so it could absorbs easily to your skin layers ^ ^

1 bottle of Whitening Milk contains 100 ml liquid. It was made in Japan (Do you know that HADA LABO manufacturer is exclusively made in a strict supervision under Japanese pharmaceutical standard. If I not mistaken, the SKIN AQUA product also manufactured by same factory.) You can check their Indonesia Page here 

So, here a sneak peak of HADA LABO apperance, I hope this blog post helps you. Enjoy ^ ^

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