Jul 21, 2013

ETUDE HOUSE (First Haul)

Hello Reader~ The Summer has come already in Northern part of the globe including Korea & Finland. It's time to enjoy the warmth and joy-fullness of the Summer through colorful and cute looking items. Hereby I would like to share with you my latest haul in July 2013 to welcoming the Summer 2013~!  *Even though Indonesia doesn't have Summer season...LOL*

My latest Haul mostly comes from Etude House product, while other products come from various kind of brand, I am head-over-toe to Etude House cute packaging products~. Etude House is famous make-up brand from Korea and for it's iconic style with it's cute,  girly, fresh, feminine concept. You can check out their enchanted products and catalogue in their Official Website:
♥ Korea : Etude House Korea ; while their official twitter is Etude House Korea Twitter
♥ Indonesia : Etude House Indonesia; their Facebook Page and Twitter Page; yippie~
♥ Or, you can check out Etude House Global site or Facebook Page.

However, it is my first time to buy make-up product online~! *yeay* In result, I don't find any trouble in purchasing these products online; just a little worry especially when you can't see the real-life product and as it is my first time buying from online shop. 

OK, let's make it short, here is the list: 

♥ My first item I bought online is Etude House BB Cream Cotton Fit in W24 from Papuros Shop;
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux in Peach Choux #03 from Ribbon Shop;
♥ and Etude House Tear Eye Liner in #01 from Rie Butik.

Online shop has been such a contagious trend here in Indonesia, since the tax and duty fee in the immigration plus rental fee in the shopping mall cost the product price becomes multiple comparing to the original price in Korea. Furthermore, many people choose to buy online since it's more tempting and take less energy than window shopping in the mall. However, fake and poser product become another reality. After conducting several cross-check in the net, I found that these products are original; the differences are they are a little bit expensive than the original price in Korea, not up-to-date comparing to Korean market/season BUT more cheaper than the counter price in Indonesia. These are ready stock items, so in case you find it difficult to order your requested item/color then Pre-Order (PO) from those online shop could be the answer. Don't worry about the shipment; because many online shop use reliable shipment company like JNE, Tiki, Post Indonesia, etc and take 1-2 days for shipment from the Online Shop location. From my experience, buying product online is SO TEMPTING, since all you need is internet connection and computer despite the fact that it is not friendly to you wallet, hiks T^T.

Review will come soon :) 

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