Jul 15, 2013

Inspirational CM of The Month: KATE x Meisa Kuroki


A Tagline from KATE under Kanebo Cosmetics from Japan.  

KATE is, should I say, a Japanese contemporary make-up brand that brings urban, sharp, edgy feeling to it's customer by creating a Gothic yet modern packaging for it's well-known black (sometimes silver), sleek case. I'm a big fan of Mika Nakashima and also KATE; thus their collaboration made the best make-up ad EVER. They often work with Japanese female artist/singer that suits best with their mature x unique style. Their first muse is the famous singer-actress Mika Nakashima (中島 美嘉), followed by Kaela Kimura (木村 カエラ) and recently starring Meisa Kuroki (黒木 メイサ). Meisa-san is Japanese model & actress; she is quarter Brazillian and three/fourth Japanese; wife of ex-KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi; and has one daughter (already), for more details about Meisa Kuroki-san, klik here.

The brand itself is a sub-brand from Japanese cosmetics typhoon, Kanebo. KATE proposes unique style comparing to it's conventional Kanebo line and emphasizes the idea of modern & edgy feeling from their packaging and formula. According to their official-Kanebo website, here:

KATE has released a succession of hit products over the years. Recent bestsellers in Japan include POWDER GEL LINER (soared above 1.2 million pieces in its first eight months, in 2007), DIAMOND CUT EYES (surpassed half a million in just three months, in 2009), and FRAME IMPACT MARKER (broke its annual sales target after just two weeks on the market, in 2009).

While for me, still, their greatest success comes from their Eye-shadow range. Why? Japanese cosmetic brand has typical & unique trademark for it's 'shimmering, sparkly, soft, & everlasting-formula'. Despite the fact that actually KATE is a drug-store or mid-low price products (in Japan), KATE color, formula, and result is worth to buy. If you want to know about KATE and their concept, feel free to visit their global website, here.

Too bad that KATE make-up line is not available in Indonesia, but no need to worry since KATE is available in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, in spite of Japan. (If there's somebody on earth who kindly enough to send me KATE products, I would LOVE to review it for sure~ :p)
- Global Website : http://www.kate-global.net/ (English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese)
- Japan (Main) : http://nomorerules.net/  
- If you want to know the price (in Yen) : http://www.kanebo-cosmetics.co.jp/products/brand/420

Move over to their Summer 2013 theme, Goldish. KATE recently promotes glamor concept through it's captivating 24K Gold Formula contained in their Eyeshadow range. If you see already in their CM, their latest muse, Meisa Kuroki, is successfully bringing luxury to their ads by uplifting sophisticated looks (Sorry Mika Nakashima, for this time only I have to admit that Meisa Kuroki successfully represents KATE as their brand image. She looks soooo radiant <3 )

   Snap-shot from the 'Goldish' Ad
 Snap-shot from the 'Goldish' Ad
Snap-shot from the 'Goldish' Ad
Color Variants
Source: http://beautifulbuns.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/kate-goldish-eyes-eyeshadow-1.jpg
'Goldish Eyes' Packaging
Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qqhF-YDuz-A/UJ-T1ZUjXbI/AAAAAAAALG8/KOdpoOU1xx0/s640/IMG_1811+new.jpg
Other new Product 'Shiny Eyes'
How To
 Snap-shot from the 'Goldish' Ad


Snap-shot from 'Spider Lady' Ad
 Snap-shot from the 'Spider Lady' Ad

The 'Slim Gel' Eye Liner
 Snap-shot from 'Spider Lady' Ad
Snap-shot from 'Spider Lady' Ad
Snap-shot from 'Spider Lady' Ad

KATE CM: 'BRAND' Version (Full Length)
KATE CM: 'Goldish' Version (Short Version)
KATE CM: 'Spider Lady' Version (Full Length)
KATE CM: 'Spider Lady' Version (Short Version)

What do I like from KATE is regarding their choice of Insert song for each Version/theme. During the Mika Nakashima and Kaela Kimura era, they often put the muse's single as an insert song (even Mika-san has a compilation album of the tie-up songs, here. While during the Meisa Kuroki era, for the first time they collaborate with other singer-artist for making the insert song. If you wonder who is the genius insert song singer behind 2013 collection, she is Kaori Takeda (武田 カオリ). One word for KATE insert song: 'Fabulous.'

For "Spider Lady' version, the title is : 「Sweet Heat」 ; while "Goldish" version : 「Liquid Fire」

There is a looot of CM version from the KATE line, I can't review all of them, but in the future I hope I can write a post about each version + their inspirational muse and make a tutorial (My Version) inspired from each KATE version :)

nb: Frankly, I haven't get or own (yet!) any from product from KATE, but I hope someday I will get and own for myself~ #wishlist Thank you Mika Nakashima-san for starring and endorsing this make-up brand *and makes me craving and drooling to see other people have/buy it* LOL

Other Info 
And, for you Meisa-san lovers: here is your suga-candy website for your eyes only :3 ---> http://meisaspain.blogspot.com/2012/11/scans-panfletos-promocionales-kate.html  
you can see compilation of Kanebo CM range in here~! ---> http://kanebo.same64.com/E/ (psst, it also compiles other CM starring other Japanese artists ;)
if you want to know other people review, klik here <3 *drooling~*

Gonna make a tutorial for 'Goldish Eyes' x 'Spider Lady' according to My version SOON~!
See you in my next post :*

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