Jul 25, 2013

In a Bling of an Eye: ETUDE HOUSE Tear Eye Liner in #01

"Dari mata, turun ke hati"

Those are famous Indonesian idiom that usually refer to the condition when boy meets girl; the boy falls in love with the girl from their very first meet (in which he actually falls in love with the girl's first impression.) Therefore, man is a visual creature; so it's natural that man usually falls in love with woman's appearance. That's why, people say: the eye is the window to the world. 

Okay, here is another make-up trick that has been a go-to choice for Far-East ladies. Have you pay attention to nowadays Korean or Japanese artists? Do you pay attention to their make-up? Have you ever wonder about their make-up trick? Their dazzling look is made as the result of these miracle trick: Glittery lower lash.

Instead of using eye liner at the above line of the eye, the Korean girls love to put glittery liner below their lower lash. How kewl is that? This kind of trick makes the eyes pop out and freshen your tired eyes; it draws attention to the sparkling area. The difference method between this trick is that most Korean love to put the glittery liner below the lower lash (as I told you so); while Japanese (and many other Asian countries) love to put glittery/shimmering powder in the inner socket of their eyes. OK, here is the easier comparison:
What is the magic product to create this look? It's Glitter Eye Liner~! Etude House deserves to get appraisal for making glitter liner as one of easiest and trickiest way to pop-up your eyes. I bought mine at online shop for IDR 60.000, while in counter the price could reach more than IDR 100k. Mine is Tear Eye Liner in #01 Pure Tear

- It gives your eyes the easiest dazzling look ♥
- Has various colors ♥
- Drying quickly ♥
Minus :
- Not water-proof :(
- Bad staying formula; easily smudged

What do you think? Is it a Yay or Nay? Feel free to comment and suggest. If you want to have another point of view, you can have another review here. Now, let's take a look at the photo spam ^^

Taa-dah~! Final result ;)

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