Aug 2, 2013


Hello August! Please be kind to Me :)

Well, I know it's a bit late to say Hello August, but somehow I have the urge to say it since birthday is days away~! Yay!

I don't have any specific wish on my (ehm) quarter century birthday. Anyway, I realize that at the moment I have the tendency to focus on my future: to meet life-mate, soul-mate. Funnily I just realize that it is such an exhausted DUTY! Yes, I write it right: duty.

Finding your soul-mate is not as easy as it seems. Everybody is unique. Frankly to say, I haven't find the 'right' person that suitably match my character, but like my previous boss said (hello, Kimtactor) "Always try, try, try and do your best."

All I ever met is the kind of 'troubled' or 'mismatched' person for me. I dunno, perhaps my type is always lead to a bad boy :/ but recently I realize "Go for someone whose not only proud and glad to have you, but will also take every risk and effort just to be with you." That's it. Well, I hope, my month will let me meet him :)


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