Aug 10, 2013

Lipstick Fetish by NYX

I'm a Lipstick Fetish. Full-stop.

I'm a sucker for Lipstick. If I have to choose between Lipstick and other girl's stuff, I prefer Lipstick. Viva la Lipstick~!
Okay, I got these 2 babies in different places: I bought Frappucino in NYX Sales Counter while Tea Rose in OL Shop. The money wise also big different: the Sales Counter labeled it around IDR 65.000 while OL Shop ranges around IDR 30-35k

As you can see, Frappucino tend to be more Brownish :3 while Tea Rose is Pinkish. I just knew NYX product from blogger's review out there, after bought 1 product I have to admit I fell in Love with NYX ♥ I think I'll keep, using NYX lipstick since it has great formula and color! So, here's is my thought about it.

- It's inexpensive (around IDR 65k) ♥
- Available in most of Beauty Department around Indonesia ♥
- Sleek and sturdy black case; somehow I like the older packaging since it's more girly look :< ♥
- Lower base of the packaging shows the color of the lipstick ♥
- Travel friendly ♥
- Creamy texture ♥
- Good pigmentation ♥
- Various range of colors ♥

- Not longlasting; lasted for about 2-3 hours :<
- Should I say, doesn't have good coverage especially for Tea Rose
- Comparing to American color variants, Indonesia only has around 30-40 range of colors :<

Curious? Wanna get to know more about one of world's best selling lipstick? Check out the swatch & photos below. Happy reading~! ^^

Left: Frappucino; Right: Tea Rose
Left: Frappucino; Right: Tea Rose
Below: Frappucino; Upper: Tea Rose
Below: Frappucino; Upper: Tea Rose
Left: Tea Rose; Right: Frappucino
Left: Tea Rose; Right: Frappucino
Left: Tea Rose; Right: Frappucino
Upper: Frappucino; Lower: Tea Rose
So, what do you think? Please feel free to comment below~! ♥

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