Aug 22, 2013

MAJOLICA MAJORCA: Majolook Magic~!

Dear ladies, is there anybody who loves Japanese make-up like I do? Who doesn't love shimmering formula of Japanese make-up for its captivating look? Who do believe in the magic of make-up? Then, Welcome to the magic world of Majolica Majorca :)

Their Latest Collection: 「Fantastic Fantasy」
Finally I bought the most interactive product (for it's glamorous & princess-y look): MAJOLICA MAJORCA. A glance of intermezzo, Majolica Majorca (Majo) is a sub-brand from the Japanese giant make-up company, Shiseido. Their main ideas are Whimsical, Girly & Princess-y make-up products. Lots of lace, ribbon, jewel-tone color and swirl graphics, yet their formula is not as 'girly' as its packaging. Their most famous product is The Lash King Mascara with its fiber formula to lengthen and thicken your eye lashes ;) *wink wink* 
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Nevertheless, their eye shadow series is the one who win my heart  <3  Its glittery, shimmering, creamy color is sooo tempting~! I love to get sparkly formula on my lids to pop-out my tired eyes. My first reviewed product from Majo is Majolook Eyeshadow (Illuminator) in BR799. This eyeshadow along with Jeweling Eyes are my first Japanese Make-up product. One word to describe it: Gorgeous~! 


PACKAGING : Tempting. >.< Their packaging always come with a whimsical and psychedelic feeling. The outer box made from transparent plastic case with description and how-to-apply instruction in Japanese (sorry, No English description available). Even though, it's a drug store brand, but they successfully make it into high-end product! Lovely! The only addition is a 2-tip eyeshadow sponge. Overall, I love the transparant and milky-white (at the back side) combination of the packaging, suitable with the girly-sweet theme.

TEXTURE : Smoothly glided over the lids either using a sponge or finger tips (recommended). For those who loves to use brush is also O-kay but base cream won't easily attached to the skin unless you use sponge/finger-tips.

COLOR : There are 4-types of colors & formulas: 1. Base : A glittery and creamy powder to enhance the color of the eye shadow. This comes in milky white creamy powder and resulted in glittery-sheer color after applied in the eye lids. ; 2. Light Color/Peachy-beige : A fine glittery powder that used to highlight or for a quick fresh-look, I used it to pop-out my tired eyes. ; 3. Medium Color/Taupe : Taupe color that comes out to create shadow or smoky color. ; 4. Dark Color/Brown : Brown color that comes out with a hint of glitter; normally used to create edge or applied in the crease of the eye.

FORMULA : Long-lasting. Only bulky after several hours for those who have oily-skin. Shimmering. Glittery. With great pigmentation. Dazzling nude color with a great hint of shimmering <3

TRIVIA : Do you know that their well-known ambassador is Minami (Hinase)? She was once starring as Yuri Kenbishi for Yukan Club Live Action and 1/2 French-1/2 Japanese.

Okay, for those who wandering about the color of Taupe, I'll show the Taupe diagram ;)

Need more info? I'll give you the recommended links :

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Still wandering about the photo-spam? Here you go~

What do you think of the Majo eye shadow, reader? Comments are welcome! :)

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