Jul 29, 2015

REVLON Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in Black Brown

A present from blog competition contest sponsored by REVLON Indonesia.

The Colorstay skinny liquid liner is an extended line from their permanent Colorstay liquid liner. The term "skinny" is to define the thin and flexible tip that allows it to create a thin and precise line up to 0.1mm.


Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner

Black Brown (4 shades)

2.5 ml


The product comes in a monotone black-brown tube with attached handler-cap almost similar with the previous Colorstay liquid liner whereas skinny liner has longer handler-cap.
Product Description:
• 0.1mm skinny tip liner that lasts all day
• Easy to apply with mistake proof control
• Bold, even color in one stroke
• Ophthalmologist Tested

• 0.1 MM tip for the ultimate skinny line
• Won’t smudge, fade or transfer
• All Day Wear
The flexible-felt tip allows you to create possibly thinnest line 0.1mm yet the flexibility of the tip gets very tricky since it can easily bending prior your consent.You can get another review from makeuptips, paula's choice, and makeup alley.


Swatch on the model; courtesy of Revlon US

My Verdict?
Not a very fan of this product. Even though it promises an impeccably thinnest 0.01mm but the finish result doesn't satisfy me. I have an uneven eye lid (read: wrinkling lids, as you can see above) and this flexible felt-tip surprisingly feels harsh upon application and creates uneven strokes. I can feel the rough texture of the felt-tip and it bothers me. Furthermore, this product couldn't stand against hot temperature and it's easily fading away and making your eyelid stuck on each creases. Those marketing promises didn't imply to me. Semi-opaque, fragrance-free, semi-matte not glossy, and easily to wipe off. Well, I guess the 0.01mm marketing technique misses the target since normal people like us don't need precisely 0.01mm liner, right?


  1. Looks like a nice product but don´t convice me.
    I prefer liquid pen eyeliner.


  2. I use eyeliner pens, I find them easier to use~!


  3. Great review! It's too bad this product didn't turn out to be so great D:
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa


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