Jul 9, 2015

CANMAKE Coloring Eyebrow in 03 Natural Brown

Hello ladies, if you're kinda eyebrow gal or love 'ngalis' *Indonesian gals know this term*, then you should consider this product from Japanese drugstore sweet heart, Canmake.

Eyebrow mascara isn't quite popular here in Indonesia since people tend to use the conservative way using eyebrow pencil or by undergoing eyebrow Tattoo procedure (yeah, that's the truth) for less maintenance. In short, eyebrow mascara is not popular because it needs special technique and more attention during application otherwise wrong application will make you look like Crayon-Shinchan. However, eyebrow mascara does a great job to create full and lush eyebrow by filling the gaps between the hair lashes and more long lasts than eyebrow pencil does. 


Coloring Eyebrow #03 Natural Brown
(キャンメイク カラーリングアイブロウ)

#01 Yellow Brown; #03 Natural Brown

6.5 gr

Yen 400 (before VAT); IDR 88.000


"Have I told you that I won Canmake Indonesia quiz and received 3 gorgeous make-up products which is one of the product I reviewed here?"

(One version of Canmake coloring eyebrow in direct sunlight)

Available shades (L-R) : Japan - #03 & #01; Indonesia - #03

(Another version under natural sunlight)

The Canmake coloring eyebrow only available in 2 shades; Yellow Brown & Natural Brown, whilst Indonesia market only distributes 1 shade, Natural Brown (#03); Y INDONESIA, WHY??? The eyebrow mascara is sealed in a clear plastic seal with Japanese description written in the tube while Indonesian description attached in a label. The tube design is oddly simple with Canmake brand and product description imprinted unlike Canmake's typical girly style.

FYI, the texture is different from eyelash mascara; because I know you're already thinking so. The eyebrow texture is coarse I should say, it easily dries out and tends to be flaky upon application. That's the reason I stated earlier that the eyebrow mascara needs special attention and technique so it won't dry out easily and creates unwanted overly-bold eyebrow. Quickly strokes the spoolie directly to your eyebrow with a light back-forth strokes at the first 1/2 of your eyebrow and finish it by stroking the spoolie as the direction of your hair growth at the 1/3 edge of your eyebrow.

The pigmentation is superbly amazing; a dark caramel-brown. It seems tad lighter on the spoolie for brown-black haired girl but with good and correct application it will create an ashy-brown finish. It's long-lasting and stays up until the end of working hours! Water-proof but will cease if you rub it.


Another version of eyebrow mascara finish

Eyebrow mascara finish against natural sunlight

My Verdict?
I under-estimated this product. It turns out to be a great product and just realize eyebrow mascara is more popular than eyebrow pencil for Japanese girl! (since Japanese has very sparse eyebrow) In case you're about to create Japanese girl style then you've gotta use eyebrow mascara. Even so, the texture is flaky upon application and easily creates overly bold eyebrow which could turn-off some people. In sum; this is not a product for a beginner since you will end up getting overly bold eyebrow instead of that-fiercely-bold-Cara-Delevigne-eyebrow. In spite of all, it creates natural looking eyebrow and #03 Natural Brown does a good job delivering natural brown color for a brown-black haired girl like me. If you're curious to know how eyebrow mascara does and already familiar with eyebrow pencil application then you might try this; it creates natural eyebrow like a magic (well, with help from advanced-skill technique application of course) and long lasts. You can check also other reviews from these lovelies below or from Cosme.net. Thank you for reading lovelies


  1. hemmm.. nice info dan racunnya mba hehehe.. untuk ukuran mascara brow ini cukup murah ya?? aku kira product nya canmake itu semuanya pada mahal lhoo (T___T) hasilnya juga nggak terlalu bold ya??

    1. Aku sih daripada ABH lebih suka ini mbak, lebih efisien kaya pake maskara. Kalo dibandingin dengan harga di Jepang, harga" Canmake di Indonesia emang 2x lipatnya tapi kalo sudah expert pake pensil alis/ABH malah hasilnya keliatan natural dan awet (gak bold banget).


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