Feb 21, 2014

CANMAKE メイク: Cheek & Highlight, Jewelstar Eyes, & Candy Wrap Lip

I've been forever clinging to Japanese make-up brand. Japanese brand been always my holy grail make-up and I'd love how shimmering and pigmented their product without being too greasy. As you know, Japanese brand won't be easy for your pocket comparing to Indonesian released make-up brand. So, let me tell you one that categorized as 'save-worthy make-up product'

Canmake is categorized as drugstore price brand and popular among Japanese teens. They're developed under the license of IDA Laboratories Co., Ltd. in which focusing in cute, girly, & affordable make-up product. You can check Canmake website here for further information (be careful because the side effect of 'kawaii' stuffs there might squeeze-out your money.) In addition to their 'save-worthy' items, they often conduct annual LUCKY BAG event at the end of the year/beginning of the year in which gives you a handful products in the price of 2-3 normal products.

The idea is: You won't know what you'll get. The LUCKY BAG is designed in a customized typical Pink paper bag of Canmake. Whereas, all of the random selected items will be put into each bag. The number of items is also random, in general a LUCKY BAG contains 4 items but some lucky, super-duper fortunate buyer might get 5 items. So, may your grant is be with you when buying the LUCKY BAG.

Mine contains 4 items in which consists of :
  1. Cheek & Highlight in #9 in "Strawberry Milk" :3
  2. Jewelstar Eyes #04 in "Chandelier Pink" :3
  3. Candy Wrap Lip #7 in "Hot Marmalade" :3
  4. Slim Browliner #03 in "Light Brown" :3
Okay, calm down ladies. I know you want to know what does the items look like :P so I won't beat around the bushes. Let's take a look at my current treasure inside.

Canmake 'Cheek & Highlight' in Strawberry Milk

The insert blush brush
Canmake 'Cheek & Highlight' in open cap <3
Canmake 'Cheek & Highlight' Swatch
Canmake 'Cheek & Highlight' Swatch


So, I might start from the Canmake 'Blush & Highlight'; I could say that the pigmentation is awesome. One swipe is all you need to make healthy flush on your cheek. While the formula is quite long last since I only tried it for about 3 hours. The good point is the Strawberry Milk is suitable also for my warm-tone skin. Unlike other pinkish blush that can make you look overly-make-up; I think this pink blush is welcome for both cool and warm tone.

The only problem I could find is the highlight powder, in which might look too white and shimmering for warm skin one. You can easily handle it with Blush Brush, I mean big blush brush instead of the inserted brush since big brush may deliver broad coverage area so you won't end up like ganguro girl. This blush series had discontinued in Japan so in my opinion you might not find it in Japanese market from now on.
Jewelstar Eyes #04 in "Chandelier Pink"
Zoom In


My oh my, another cutie overload. This Canmake Jewelstar Eyes eyeshadow is a creamy glittery eyeshadow in a soft marshmallow pink. The pigmentation is okay. The color is tend to be pastel creamy with a hint of glitter. Those who doesn't have a thing with glitter might find it annoying since the glitter is pretty much tense comparing to the pigmentation color. I used to dab the creamy eye shadow on the middle of my eye lid just to give it enough glitz on the eyes so it will look more awake. Plus, Pink won't be too harsh for your eyes, it can create a subtle and feminine look without being too overly trying. The only problem I find is the glitter; yes, like I already told you before, the glitter since it is pretty much tense comparing to the color so I won't suggest the creamy shadow as base eye shadow. Another discontinued product...


I could say the Canmake Candy Wrap is such a thing. The Candy Wrap series is marketed in a typical plastic tube with a metallic cap on it. It has approx 12 color options in the series and mine is #7 in "Hot Marmalade'; a vivid yellow orange that suitable for warm-skin tone. The pigmentation is great; so vivid. No glittery ingredients and it covers my darken lips pretty well. I couldn't smell any fragrance which is a good point for some people with sensitive skin. The formula is longlast for about 3 hours (when I tried it) however, the texture might be a little annoying since it's sticky (I could say it is more sticky than NYX Lipgloss.) Too bad it is already discontinued in Japan O_O *krik*


Okay, I will say it lightly from the beginning; another discontinued product. Luckily, I don't find it suitable for me because this Canmake Slim Browliner in Light Brown is toooo light for my eye brow. It made me look like a albino. Even though it doesn't give much contribution but I tried to fix it for shaping my outer eye brow line. The good point is the swirl cap that helps me a lot. Unlike conventional brow kit, this item needs no sharpener because the pointy liner easily define and less complicated. Actually beginner needs one (with a darker color, of course.)

So, what do you think of Canmake variant? I could say they have a broad and cute range of series. If you are more like girly girl, then I can say that Canmake brand is suitable for you. They have a wide range of soft, pastel and girly item in the market. The only problem for Japan outsider (like us) is they often discontinued some products or colors, so if you're already attached to one item and the next day it's off from the market I only suggest you to find another color or item :( In the other hand, it is hard to find Canmake items in Indonesia (Indonesia Rayaaa~) that's why you've gotta fly to nearby country like Malaysia, Singapore or Philippine to grab one (yup) or you can try Pre-Order (PO) from online shop like mine. I ordered from Miaw Lens OS in Facebook in addition with more extra fee for tax, shipping, time, bla bla bla just to get your order straight from Japan.

I loveee all my Canmake series, even though they're already discontinued but I guess I'm glad I can have suitable color product for my skin tone that I could put for daily basis. Before signing off, allow me to show you Canmake products applied on my face for reference. See you in my next post which will review about.................................. ILLAMASQUA BLUSH ON in HUSSY!!! Can't wait for that! See Yaa lovely reader

Canmake & KATE Lucky Bag <3


  1. nice fukubukuro bag :)
    Canmake isinya berkurang ya hehe,, menurutku produknya canmake kebanyakan glitter hehe

  2. Thank You Mbak Sylvie Putrie :)
    Dulu bisa ampe 5 items yah...emang sih Canmake banyak ber-glitter tapi suka <3


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