Feb 6, 2014

LANEIGE Blush Brush

I never post or review make-up accessory beforehand but this item stole my heart. Recently I bought a Laneige Blush Brush from an IG Online Shop, but does Laneige really have accessory stuff instead of it's famous "Water Skin Pack", so how does it work?

I bought mine from cleudebeaute online shop in Instagram accidentally; their main products are Japanese skincare & cosmetic and High-end brand such as Lancome, Dior, Guelain, etc. Too bad they don't have other soc-med such as twitter, FB, etc; so non-instagram user has no access to browse their product :/ The good thing is they are all READY-STOCK. Yup, no need to feel worry or impatience while waiting your product. 

I was accidentally browsing at IG for Japanese make-up product and directly head-over-heel with this Laneige Blush Brush the first time I saw it. The reason is simply I just love it's sleek and blue-green metallic handle; well it's a matter of personal taste. LOL. It costs around IDR 100k (exclude shipping) and quite handy with approx 16 cm length in total. It seems that this Blush Brush is a piece of make-up brush set; they also sell other piece such as Lip Brush. After little investigation (LOL), indeed, it's a set of travel blush from Laneige Brush Set <3 

The Brush is lil bit poking my check :O but it gives me vivid result. It made from either synthetic bristle or horse hair *LOL* Despite it stiff bristle, the shape of the bristle is cheek-friendly; not too small nor not too big. The ferrule made from silvery stainless steel which compliments it's blue-green metallic handle. Whereas the metallic handle gives you sophisticated style; the main reason why I bought this brush *laugh* even though another brush brands are significantly worship the power of silver-black color combination.

Anatomy of Brush (LOL)
What I like:
- It's travel handy
- Love the modern metallic handle in Blue-Green
- Nice finishing result; especially for Blush-on

What I Dislike:
- Comparing to Masami Shouko, this Laneige Blush Brush is quite harsh for sensitive skin (ouch) because seems like the bristle made from synthetic bristle / horse hair *laugh* and a little bit too rough and poking my cheek (for me). However, the good point is the Blush-on result will likely be more vivid and pigmented :)

However, I love all my accessories stuffs; for better or worse, they're the soul of my face :) *laugh* Soon, I will post my verdict of my current haul of Blush from Masami Shouko and Armando Caruso Brush. Another Beauty on a budget. Yippie~! See you soon

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