Feb 25, 2014

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blush (Holy Grail) in "Hussy"

If somebody asks me my favorite and go-to blush-on, I will shout: "Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy."

I believe some (beauty) bloggers might already know the Illamasqua hype like a craze and I'm sure I'm one of the crowd. According to their official website ;
llamasqua is the cult British beauty brand taking the world by storm with a dedication to self-expression through make-up art. Launched in 2008, Illamasqua makes professional make-up available to all for the first time, and with a bold, award-winning cosmetics range they are challenging the conventions of the make-up industry. Choose from a range of cult formulas, including colour-intense Lipsticks, super chip-resistant Nail Varnishes and HD-ready Foundations, and take your look to the next level.
Their make-up line is more like their slogan: "Make-up for your Alter ego." Convincing that make-up is not only to enhance your beauty but they also emphasize the power of having fun with your make-up and be creative in your own way. 

The impression that came to my mind when I first got the blusher was: "It reminds me of Gothic Transylvania era." *duh* Yup, Illamasqua is known for it's dark, gothic and like-wise they say, cult make-up concept in which IMO was heavily influenced by British industrial movement during 18th-19th century. Their typical packaging comes in sleek and black-sturdy plastic case that reminds me of KATE Tokyo without too much details. The outer packaging comes in a hard-paper packaging, while the blush case comes in sturdy black-plastic case with Illamasqua logo engraved on the center of it's clear plastic cap.

Whilst their formula is resulted in a vibrant matte result which is heavily pigmented, velvety and little bit powdery; this blush is A-okay for your daily basis. The payoff color is more like Pinkish-Coral finish. With only one swipe of blush from the pan created a vibrant and subtle flush on your cheek. The color is more suitable for warm-tone like mine; guess cool tone will complement the color also. The powder blusher comes in a 4,5 gr pan without any additional brush or mirror. Think about MAC blush; just you and the blusher.

Nevertheless to say, this high-end make-up brand is a must have for women who loves to have intense and gorgeous payoff color for another investment. Mine was bought during Illamasqua website's special price for only £ 15 but converted to Rupiah for Rp. 250.000 (including shipping etc) via FB online shop Aloutte's Beauty Shop.

Pardon my slight introduction and verdict but I just can't stop spamming with the utterly beautiful photos of Illamasqua...I just can't.  (The color may vary depends on the lightning during the shoot and your screen's color)

Illamasqua in Hussy
Side Description
Back description: Ingredients & Production
Side Description
Illamasqua in Hussy
Back Side of the case
Close up
Zoom in
Under Natural Lightning
Against Natural Lightning
Close up (with Flash)
Close up (with Flash)


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