Mar 10, 2014

ZA: Full-Impact Eyes Gradation in BR261 | Demure

Remember the times when MTV Asia aired/promoted ZA Cosmetics as the Make-up range for effortlessly cool urban woman?

OMG. It's been a long time since ZA religiously aired in MTV Asia commercial ads (I don't bother if people will judge me as 90's gal who still believes that it was the best decade. Ever.) Takes some time to realize that ZA has been off of the market aka. haven't heard of their current promotional activity since back then. Until, I saw their new advertisement in the Japanese Magz, yes, you read it. ZA has back to the market, babe!

ZA finally landed in the land of the rising sun by joining Japanese's biggest make-up typhoon, Shiseido, in 2012. They are introduced as the Low-end brand to attract new, young customer with 6.000 shops worldwide including Indonesia (article). They start by re-branding their image with a slight difference from their old image and promote their new concept started from Japan as their new 'promosing land'. Their typical Metallic-Blue packaging has been an icon during 90's followed by Metallic-Pink packaging, but nowadays they have transform their iconic style into an edgy Black Lacquer packaging. However, to preserve their trademark, some of their packaging are still using their typical Pink-Metallic case such as TWC Foundation Powder and Lip Plumper series.

I got this baby unintended when roaming around in a shopping center and triggered by Japanese Magz spells that promoting this make-up line as the-talk-of-the-town; a must have item in your stash, then decided to grab one from Full-Impact Series for about IDR 142.000 for my trial. Furthermore, like a snow ball effect, I get so attached with ZA range since they have great finish IMO. They also gave me a Beauty Class invitation as a compliment for being their loyal customer and also promoting their new Perfect Solution Collagen series. Many beauty bloggers across SE Asia agree that current ZA make-up has great result and the latest ZA eyeshadow has the same pigmentation like typical Japanese eyeshadow: buttery pigmentation with shimmering result ♥ If you're curious or never heard of ZA before (duh), please check ZA official website here and ZA Japan official website here or ZA Indonesia Twitter here.

I chose to buy ZA Full-Impact Eyes Gradation in BR261 because the warm-spectrum is suitable for my warm-skin tone and also easily to apply for my daily basis. FYI, ZA has 2 lines: Skincare line & Make-up line. I decided to throw my verdict on Make-up line to see how ZA Make-up has been going through. So, to emphasize my dear reader that this article is more like a personal verdict and I am not affiliated with the brand whatsoever.

ZA current packaging is more edgy with it's Black Lacquer packaging; even though some products still believe with it's Pink-Metallic case enchantment like TWC or Plumper Lips series ♥ The new Black packaging helps to define "effortlessly cool urban woman" concept with it's sleek style. Furthermore, the new Black packaging is quite sturdy (think of Maybelline Color Explosion or KATE Kanebo eyeshadow) and doesn't look 'carnival'. It contains of 3gr Net pan which is made of China (or Taiwan, precisely)

I believe all Full-Impact Eyes series (Gradation and Groovy) finishing are shimmering and buttery pigmentated which is not too vivid; good choice for natural look seeker. For comparison, the result is almost similar with baked product from The Body Shop baked eyeshadow series.

The color for BR261 is considered as warm with Orange-y and Brownish spectrum on the pan. Great option for a daily or work attire. Starting from the upper pan (1): Champagne tone for highlighting; (2) Orange-y color works great on your lids; (3) Soft Light-Brown for natural look on your lids also; and (4) Dark Brown for contouring your crease.

The Gradation series color is easily glide on for gradation technique (primer might be needed) even though I prefer to use single up to 2 colors in every application. The finishing is seemly, errr, buttery finish aka creamy-like texture that stays for hours.

ZA Full Impact Series


Taken from ZA website


Overall, ZA doesn't fail to impress me <3 I should say that BR261 is so demure for everyday application, I can suggest you to put Primer beforehand and I think it's a great choice if you want to have one. SOON! I will review more from (drum rolls please) another ZA Full Impact series Gradation in PK271 and Groovy in BL 731 aaaaannd Plumper Lips in Ruby 08 in next post! Can't wait to review them! See you soon, then! Cheerio! :*

Own documentation, ZA official website, ZA Japan Official website

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