Mar 11, 2014

ZA Haulage

ZA had been kind enough for inviting me to their Beauty Class and latest product "Collagen Skin Care" release at the Beginning of March.

So, after purchased Full Impact Eyes Gradation for my first trial (read), I got a Beauty Class invitation as a compliment and media to promote their new Collagen skin care series. Nevertheless, I was so stupid to arrive sooo late than the scheduled time. Stupid Me.

Therefore, I ended up cleaning my face in a rush since they already moved to phase 2: Make-up. FYI, the phase was divided into 2 sections: Skin care phase and Make-up phase. For Make-up, Mbak Dian was ultimately guided us from casual to special occasion look. After finished with our quick course, the ZA Sales Lady tried to promote us with 20% off price and latest Perfect Solution skin care series. *LOL*

A glimpse of information: I believe their latest Skin care series is actually already released outside of Indonesia (let's say Thailand). However, this range is a newcomer in Indonesia thus they're trying to promote it through workshop like Beauty Class gathering & promo for Indonesian market target.

But.....again, I was so fool to forget documenting the class session until my bestie, Tar, said: "Why don't you take a photo of the model?" Duh! I was too focusing to catch up the Make-up phase until I forgot to make documentation. Therefore I ended up took snaps of the ZA counter only. Despite the blizzard moment during the Beauty class, I went home with a little goodies that I bought with special 20% off; ZA Full Impact Eyes Gradation & Groovy plus Plumper Lips in Ruby 08. Woohoo! Once again, I'm not affiliated with the brand whatsoever, it's just my personal opinion as an Indonesian Make-up lover. Note: This post is dedicated to my Om Yanto & Tante Maria who had given me supports to broaden my writing skill and creative side of Make-up art. Danke.

Curiosity kills the cat. Check out my photos below for more info.

ZA Beauty Class Invitation
ZA Centro Plaza Semanggi Counter, Indonesia
ZA Counter
Selection of ZA TWC, Eyes Groovy, Dramatic Eye Color, Cheeks Groovy, etc
ZA Plumper Lips and Pure Shine Lips variants
ZA Plumper Lip Gloss variants
ZA Skin Care series

What's inside my bag?
ZA Full Impact Eyes Gradation & Groovy and Plumper Lips in Ruby 08
March Haul
Look from previous ZA Full Impact BR261
Taken from
ZA Perfect Solution: How To
More eye candy.....<3

I should say that ZA Indonesia is less interactive to promote their latest products IMO. When I browsed slightly to neighborhood country, ehem, they even invited special butler to promote their product's release. *__* Indonesia PR should do better, I guess.

Source : ZA Official website, kikaytrekkie, luminnej, own documentation

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