Feb 17, 2014

2014 Japanese Lucky Bag

Do you know how long I've been wanting to have all these Japanese Lucky Bag? Forever. Ever since the Lucky Bag promo only available in the beginning of every year (let's say like a clearance sale) thus you gotta wait for this promo every end-beginning of the year, with a condition: you won't know what you'll get. The Lucky Bag term is like buying bag of items with no idea what's inside the bag.

Mine was from CANMAKE and KATE Tokyo. My heart skipped a beat by the time the packages arrived at the office, I couldn't wait to open the bag!  CANMAKE bag came with a vivid pink paper bag while KATE was wrapped in COSME DECORTE paper bag!?!?!?!??? I said: "What the..." How come KATE doesn't have their own paper bag? Nevertheless, I haven't know what's inside the bag so bear my prejudice first.

CANMAKE bag was filled with total 4 normal size items in which I REALLY LOVE AND NEED ALL THOSE ITEMS!❤️ It contains:
  1. Cheek & Highlight in #9 in "Strawberry Milk" :3
  2. Jewelstar Eyes #04 in "Chandelier Pink" :3
  3. Candy Wrap Lip #7 in "Hot Marmalade" :3
  4. Slim Browliner #03 in "Light Brown" :3
How about KATE lucky bag? When I first opened the bag...straightly got disappointed. There was only 1 normal size item in which the KATE Lash Maximizer in Black, while the remaining were 3 sample size items and 1 supplementary KATE my color pencil in WN-2 Purple (in which I don't have the pen holder!). The 3 sample size items were: KATE Powderless Liquid Cover, Liberta Platinum Nano Colloid Cleansing Soap, and Freeplus barrier repair serum. Akk.......the KATE bag was more expensive than CANMAKE, at least I could get 1 Eye Shadow series from KATE but reality struck in the eye T_T

So, what can I tell you regarding my Japanese Lucky Bag shopping experience: You won't always get what you want. Next time if you're interested in participating in Lucky Bag experience, I could tell you it's better to buy the most-anticipated-and-proven-lucky bag. Last but not least: "Too many dissapointment are usually a sign of too many expectation. So expect less." Leason learned.


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