Feb 11, 2014

SKIN AQUA: Mild Milk x Moisture Gel

Hola reader~! Seems like I'm gonna skip another brush verdict and jump into my latest haul of SKIN AQUA Moisturizers. Mind to read it? :P

Some of you might know that SKIN AQUA is renowned for it's moisturizer product with high Hyaluronic acid, but do you know that actually they have total 4 types of product? :O This skin care product which licensed under Japanese Rohto Laboratories in Indonesia has total 4 products: SKIN AQUA UV Mild Milk; UV Moisture Gel; UV Moisture Milk; & UV Whitening Milk. So, what's the difference?

Taken from www.mimojoya.com
My latest haul was a set of SKIN AQUA in UV Mild Milk and UV Moisture Gel (I only pay for 1 and get another 1 :D Lucky Me!!!) with a slight difference between Mild Milk x Moisture Gel; Mild Milk is recommended for Dry to Sensitive skin whilst Moisture Gel is for Normal to Oily skin.  

Mild Milk tend to focus on hydrating skin with SPF 25 PA++, Hyaluronic Acid (#1 Formula), Collagen and Vit. E to maintain your skin's elasticity and smoothness. Hence, Moisture Gel is renown for it's gel texture (in which suitable for Normal-Oily skin) with a higher SPF than Mild Milk, SPF 30 PA++, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen to maintain skin's moisture and Vit. B5, C and E for more skin protection. Further information can be checked here.

Speaking of formula, I find that SKIN AQUA formula tend to be easily absorb yet a little bit greasy for Moisture Gel. So, a pinch of cream is more than enough. Whereas I hardly find the scent in this moisturizer, so for those who love fragrant cream might find it less attractive :( *I also find it less attractive at first, but due to the break out or skin irritation, I give up on fragrant cream and switch to fragrant-free formula*

- It's inexpensive (Normal price might cost around IDR 37k, if they have promo then you might only pay for around IDR 23k and got another one like I did. Yippie!)
- Available in most apothecary or supermarket
- Fragrant-free; suitable for sensitive skin
- Contains Vit. E, B5, C, Collagen and Hylauronic Acid to maintain your skin's elasticity
- Easily absorb
- Moisten your skin
- The pointy tip! You can easily adjust amount of cream needed
- Size of the tube; around 60 gr which is handy for your travel companion
- Can be applied as your Make-up Base (HOLY GRAIL!)
- Suitable for your face and body skin :)

- Moisture Gel tend to bit greasy if you over-applied it
- Fragrant-free; can I put it as minus point? :P

Overall, I LOVE SKIN AQUA! Japanese tends to be a face or cosmetic producer which emphasizes on the formula or quality of the product, no wonder they really pay attention on the focus of each product. SKIN AQUA really pays attention on "Moisturizing and maintaining your skin's elasticity and moisture." Therefore, harmful formula like fragrant (for sensitive skin) is diminished from this product. Therefore, fragrant lover (like I do) might find it less interesting product at the beginning, but hey, you should listen more on what your face needed not what YOU want or craving.

IMHO, SKIN AQUA does a great job. I might find it similar with HADA LABO, unless SKIN AQUA can be used both your face and body skin <3 I might find it very, very useful especially on point "Can be used as Make-up Base." HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT. So, tell about yours? Do we share the same?



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