Jan 23, 2014

SLEEK i-Divine in "Oh So Special" (Yes, you are!)

Hello reader, another verdict post of my current obsession for Eyeshadow Palettes. Yes! This is my first time to buy US/UK cosme brands instead of Revlon or Maybelline which is never heard or crossed my head at first; but now it becomes my current obsession. My first introduction for US/UK cosme brand comes to : 'SLEEK'.

Yup, it's a UK brand that has been a hype for it's sleek, affordable with a great pigmentation finish among Indonesian Beauty addicts since beginning of 2012 (if I'm not mistaken.) Actually SLEEK comes in various type of products but their eminent product is the i-Divine series. Therefore, "Oh-So-Special" palette from the i-Divine series been selected as my go to product for introduction :)

I decided to buy the "Oh-So-Special" palette for it's subtle and girly array, I don't know why but my dark-areas below my eyes is so harsh I even can't apply dark tone eyeshadow unless I put heavy foundation to correct my skin tone :( Hence, light or warm tone eyeshadow is my go-to item especially during hectic morning (duh) and else, dark or cold tone can easily show your fine-lines or dark-areas, Big nooooooo~

After several browsing on the internet, I found a quite enticing online shop (ol) for selling US/UK brands. Mine was bought at Beautyhaul Indonesia ; they provide various soc-med for promotion FB Page, Instagram and BeautyHaul Website in which becomes their main ordering method.

Here's their package that came as my end-of-year-self-gift *LOL*

Their Package (Lovely Paper Wrap <3 )
Back Side
Every SLEEK packaging comes in a typical palette packaging: Black, Sturdy, Matte and Sleek Palette in a sturdy case. The only way to differentiate the inside palette is by looking at the outer backside or description behind the case.
Outer Palette
Gyaaa, the inner palette or the eyeshadow palette has a great variety of pink-is tone colors ♥ Most prominent color is Pink and I can suggest you 'Gateau', 'Organza' and 'Ribbon' are definitely my fave colors ♥ 3 These photos below are taken indoor, night time without flash *gosh* so discoloration may occur.

Meanwhile, these photos are taken against the sunlight as you can see the colors are clear but not so vivid comparing to indoor photos :)

Color swatch on my hand as I don't have primer ._. (huhuhu)
'The Mail' is blended with my skin tone :O
Final Result? Taa-daa~! :) I'm using 'Ribbon' only, it's so demure, right? :)
Jidatku nonong yaaa? Maafff >.<

One word to describe the packaging: Sleek. The case is sturdy with a matte-black finishing. Definitely handy and can be carryall all around. The mirror is attached inside the case, it's big comparing common make-up case. So, in case there's no mirror around, you can apply or retouch your make-up without worry. ♥

Half part of the eyeshadow are Matte and others are Shimmer. Shimmer in here means fair pigmentation color with shimmering effect.

I can say 'Oh-So-Special' palette is categorized as warm tone with Pink-is color array palette. Great option for warm-skin tone people. I can suggest you also to use 'Noir' as eye brow shadow in case you forget/don't have eye brow pencil. 

It's long-lasting! Build-able and great finish even though you don't apply primer before. However, primer might be needed. The Matte powder has impressive result as the Matte doesn't get cake-y or sheer like other shadows. While the Shimmer shadows are SUPER-IMPRESSIVE ♥ the color doesn't harsh like other shimmering or glittery shadows.
My Verdict?
I AM SO IMPRESSED with SLEEK eye shadow palette especially 'Oh-So-Special' as I have warm-skin tone and cold-tone like smokey eye shadow might look to harsh on me :) This palette can be used daily and also great on night-occasion. Easily to carryall and above all; Great formula and color with reasonable price :) USD 12 or around IDR 170.000 as per 2014 (excluding Shipment) Must have item for make-up beginner or simple and busy career woman. I bought mine from Beautyhaul Indonesia, price may change and 1 palette never be enough for me. Go grab one, this palette is OH-SO-SPECIAL for a SPECIAL WOMAN like you ;)


  1. I really like the colours Organza and Gateau!! Terima Kasih!^^

  2. U look lovely and the palette its really nice

  3. Hello everybody :) Thank you for your comment :) Too bad I couldn't reply directly yo you, enjoy my blog! :)


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