Mar 18, 2015

REVLON Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush

When we're talking about 'Stain', we are talking about typical lip stain that occasionally drying out the lips. That's why Revlon emphasizes "Moisture" in front of the "Stain" to prevail the outcome of conventional lip stain.

 This is my entry for REVLON #MYSTAINBEAUTYSTORY Contest *wish me luck*

A new evolution from Revlon (I should say) for invented an opaque coverage, long wear gloss and moisturizing gloss in a liquid form. The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain comes in a very sleek rectangular black-lacquered tubes with slanted applicator. The tubes contains 8 ml net liquid and sealed with paper seal across the cap which enlighten the simplicity of the product. The ingredients and expired date can be found within the paper seal.

The product itself already launched in the greater US back in 2014 whereas Indonesia market launched it in the beginning of March 2015. According to REVLON official website, it promotes "A new level of glossy wet color. Saturated lips with brilliant shine and vivid color. Available in 12 luscious shades." Whereas the product itself creates :
- Drenches lips in glossy wet color
- Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe
- 88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness 
It is retailed around IDR 89.000 and available in most leading drug-stores and Revlon's counters all over Indonesia. The only available shades in Indonesia are consisting of 10 shades with vibrant and colorful hue to complement South-east Asia skin tone's. (nb: the color in the pictures may vary depends on the lightning, your screen or other aspects related)



When I said "only 10 shades available in Indonesia" comparing to US market which offers more varied ranges with total 12 shades, I kid you not. The color chosen to complement South-east skin tone and more likely vibrant comparing to US market. Photos below will show you the closest real color of every shade, well I hope I don't mix the colors' name :

I hope I don't mixed up labelling the colors...

First of all, the black-lacquered packaging is sleek and modern looking without making it looks dull. The twist cap also works well with its slanted applicator; just twist and go. The pigmentation is superb; it covers dark lips without accentuate the patchy areas. However, you need to apply at least 2 times since 1 swipe doesn't cover up very well and looks uneven. Thanks to its moisturizing ingredients which doesn't kidding when says "moisturize without stickiness"; it doesn't feels that oily-and-greasy stickiness unlike typical lip gloss stain. Comparing to Maybelline Lip Polish, Revlon feels less sticky and beats down Maybelline.

Moving on to the main focus: the stain. Yes, the stain is awesome. It leaves nice and subtle stain with nuff gloss and moisturizing finish. Over the time, after several activities such as eating and drinking, the gloss fades away leaving the moisturized-stain behind. The staying for the gloss is A-okay whereas for the stain should be awarded as winner. Fragrance-free and doesn't give any minty sensation.

Oh yeah, almost forgot that Cannes Crush is a subtle pink-coral version that works well on most complexity. It looks Orange-y in the photo, but in real life has more pinkish cast similarly in the shades comparison above.

My Verdict?
Before we're going down to the verdict, I should say: "What's the matter with the tube, REVLON?" As you can see, when I applied the product on the second time I saw an open gap between the tube's part and I was like "eh?" However, the formula forgives all the mess the tube had done and I use it almost every weekend for effortless look. This product is totally A-winner. At first look, the product creates glossy-stain with vivid pigmentation, over the time the finish becomes more demure by eliminating the gloss and leaves moisturized-stain behind. Give it applause for plumping and covering your lips without accentuate the dry patches. You can reapply the product if needed without making it looks gross. However, I can't assume that light shades like Stockholm Chic and LA Exclusive will do the same since light shade has less opaque pigmentation comparing to medium-dark shade. You can check out other review Indonesian or English version. Wishing you nice day loveliest

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