Mar 12, 2015

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery essence Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++

When most bblogers raved about this product, Indonesian women still forget on how important sunscreen is to their skin's protection. Most women I met often skip the base/sunscreen application and directly to foundie/powder application which is still considered to be 'forgiven' due to their hectic schedule.

Another verdict from Japan product that has been all-raved due to its unconventional (& brilliant) texture & finish: Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery essence Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++ It's a micro-beads infused cream sunscreen that produced mainly with high coverage protection with SPF 50 to protect from UVB threat and PA+++ to prevent from stinging UVA for both face and body application.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery essence Water Base SPF 50+ PA+++ is available in leading drugstore/pharmacies in big city like Jakarta (I bought from Guardian) retailed for around IDR 125.000 with net weight 50g and Made in Japan. The product comes in sealed plastic seal all over the tube attached to its paper hanger. The information is mostly written in Japanese with additional info in English, but Indonesian version label is attached and covered the Japanese version. The Indonesian info is written below:

Rasakan "UV essence" baru dari Japan.
Biore dengan teknologi baru, UV dalam "Aqua Micro Capsule" memberikan perlindungan SPF 50+/PA+++ yang terasa ringan seperti air dan lembab. Katakan selamat tinggal pada "UV protection" yang lengket ketika digunakan.
Kulit pun terasa begitu lembut dan lembab sesudahnya.

Strong long-lasting Double Block
Dengan SPF 50+/PA+++, memberikan perlindungan ganda, yang kuat dan tahan lama melawan UVA yang diketahui menyebabkan "wrinkle/dark spot" dan UVB yang diketahui menyebabkan "sun burn/dull skin".

Light & Fresh Moisture Texture
Tekstur "essence" terasa seperti air ketika menyentuh kulit, penuh dengan kandungan pelembab yang melembabkan. Essence ini memiliki tekstur yang sangat ringan dengan rasa lembab yang menyegarkan. Begitu mudah diusapkan merata pada wajah dan badan tanpa rasa lengket. Anda pun serasa tidak menggunakan "sunscreen" di kulit.

Hydrates & Softens Skin
Mengandung "Hyaluronic Acid" dengan campuran ekstrak "citrus essence" sebagai pelebab. Kulit pun lembut dan terlihat lebih sehat.

Tidak lengket
Lembut dengan wangi buah (jeruk) yang menyegarkan
Mudah menyerap di kulit
Allergy tested

Cara Pakai : Usapkan merata di wajah. Untuk hasil terbaik, ulangi pemakaian setelah berkeringat, setelah berenang atau setelah handukan.

The packaging comes in light-blue & white matte plastic tube with pointy tip. It is lightweight/travel-friendly. For more info about the product, you can check Kao Singapore's website here.


As you can see, the sunscreen cream is infused with micro-beads that will dissolve easily upon application. It absorbs quickly without much effort and doesn't leave gray-cast behind, unlike conventional sunscreen does, which adds more good point. The formula also has fruity-citrus fragrance which will diminish afterward and doesn't leave any stingy scent behind. The creamy-liquid leaves 'cool' sensation behind when first applied but doesn't last long.

Unlike Biore Mousse essence (you can read here) that can be used as make-up base, the Watery essence is prominently for UV-ray protection only for both face & body. However, you can use it as additional base/protection along with your favorite moisturizer. Doesn't leave any sticky feeling unlike conventional sunscreen.

My Verdict?
The rave is sounding true. The formula is sooo easy to apply without 'overly effort' atau tidak memerlukan tenaga dalam sewaktu memakainya. I was fell off the wagon and unconsciously grasp one when I found only one stock left on Guardian's rack like it's the last item in the world. Indonesia drugstores still import the product from Japan and when the stocks last we have to wait for some indefinite time. The tangy citrus scent is fine while the cool sensation also helps to reduce the excruciating feeling caused by redness/inflammatory due to sunburn which makes me head-over-heels with Japanese skin care products. I often applied it as substitution for make-up base or before foundation but the cream-liquid texture is little bit slide off my cream/liquid foundation yet I outwit it by tapping on the foundation instead of rubbing it. The good thing: the micro-beads dissolves quickly upon application and doesn't feel sticky at all. In sum, I love it <3 For more thorough review, you can check skinandtonics review. Wishing you a nice day fellas

(I've been through ups and downs recently and trouble navigating my mind.. hope everything will get better over time :)

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