Jul 23, 2014

KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover in OC-D

Foundation is like a base concrete; if you have a good foundation then the rest is just decoration. Beside it's renown decorative make-up formula, Japanese is also known as pioneer in base make-up. With it's leading technology you will get an instant powdery result just in 15-second by using KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover.

"Turns into powder in 15 seconds,
A liquid foundation not requiring a face powder.

Smoothness and excellent coverage of a liquid foundation and the silky and beautiful finish of a powder foundation at the same time. A new liquid foundation that turns into powder the moment it touches the skin.
SPF20 PA++ "
* Moisturizer for preventing dry skin
**ingredient (water-soluble collagen)

The outer packaging is made from filmed-paper box with description in Japanese. However, you can easily find the foundation color written in the box. The downside of the product is the application direction is also written in Japanese, however, there's a slight picture suggesting to well-shake the bottle before use.

The tube is made from a plastic; not sturdy yet travel friendly and light. The bottom side of the tube showing the color of the foundation and slight information about the foundation. 2-3 pumps of the applicator is enough for whole face application. While the amount of the liquid is easy to control thanks to friendly-pump.


My verdict?
Another holy-grail product from KATE instead of their Eyeshadow; I was a little bit unsure with the color option but KATE powderless turns into a total satisfaction when the liquid blends very-well with my skin. Funnily, the OC-C and OC-D works best with my skin tone and also succesfully covers my redness and irritated skin; it covers, gives smooth result, without making it looks too cakey. Blends and spreads evenly with or without foundation brush. The powdery result also helps me to put less setting powder or even required no additional loose powder since the liquid itself already turns into matte-powdery result in 15-second. The coverage is light-to-medium but buildable; with additional formula to conceal marks. The staying powder goes on very well; stays up more than 6 hours and won't streak after doing outdoor activity.

What can I say? Powderless liquid is a total score for Japanese-drugstore product; with it's (quite) cheapy price (Yen 2.000 or IDR 260.000 at current rate), it gives a perfect result comparing other high-end brand from the same company KANEBO. No wonder Japanese magazine like CanCam often featured it in their product review/How-To. The only downside of this product; you can't get it easily in Indonesia; either find it in nearest neighborhood country such as Malaysia or PO from Online Shop. However, the result and the product itself it totally worthy, it gives my skin a perfect set like a good canvas. Gonna be listed in my go-to product.

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