Aug 18, 2014

SLEEK Face Form in Light

Get an instant weight-loss without having a surgery procedure by using the applied contouring technique using SLEEK Face Form Kit.

It's every woman dreams to have slimming face figure without having surgery procedure. To attain this result, the quickest and safest way is through contouring technique using Bronzer, Highlighter, and Blusher combination.

SLEEK offers an alluring combination of both Bronzer, Highlighter, and Blusher in it's Face Form kit with a  total 4 shades offered here; which is Fair, Light, Medium & Dark shade. These shades range from fair one to darkest shade to complement your skin tone. Comparing to Fair shade, Light shade has more Pinkish blusher comparing to Fair shade which has more Orangey blusher. Net weight for 20gr, made in Taiwan and affordable for about IDR 180.000 (from aurora_beautyshop, Instagram OL Shop that owned by a lovely lady) or $14.99 according to their official website.

Based on the Official Website:

Face Form is the sister product of the Face Contour Kit.
With multi-tasking elements such as contour powder, highlighter and/or blusher or bronzer, Face Form is the ultimate face definition kit in one neat compact designed to suit all skintones. Face Form in Light is ideal for light skin tones. Use in conjunction with Crème To Powder foundation for a flawless finish. Combinations, ranging from light to dark. Please note: Face Form in Fair and Light come with contour powder, highlighter and blush. Face Form in Medium and Dark come available with contour powder, highlighter and a bronzer. Store in a cool dry place.
Comes in a Black, sturdy, matte and sleek packaging, the Face Form container is travel handy with full size mirror inserted in one side. Not equipped with additional brush but definitely gives more extra space for both powders and mirror. Below photo shows you both Aurora's wrapping packaging and SLEEK's outer box.

Loving the Black, sleek container of Face Form in Light shade. Travel handy yet looks modern for quintessential packaging. Don't forget to bring contouring/blusher brush along the way and you're ready to go.

It comes in 3 powders; Bronzer, Highlighter, & Blusher. Bronzer has more matte texture while both Highlighter & Blusher (Center & Right) is more shimmering with subtle shimmer. Fair pigmentation but frankly to say the Highlighter has bit of metallic result. The blusher also tends to be less pigmented when applied on the cheek; more likely shimmering but subtle pigmentation.

The Bronzer is medium-tan powder with matte finish, while in contrary the Highlighter is resulted in creamy-beige with metallic finish. The Blusher goes as Pinkish-Peach blush with yellow undertone and subtle shimmer.

Using all products can be either disaster or work-of-art; it's kinda tricky. However, a single powder application might work best too if you want to get a simple look. For more tips, kindly check below information from SLEEK's website:

How To:

Step One:

  • Prep your skin ensuring face and neck are clean and dry.
  • Step Two:
  • Apply foundation of choice to create a smooth and even complexion.
  • Step Three:
  • To achieve great cheek definition, using a small contour brush, apply the contour powder, starting from the ear and gently blending torwards the direction of your mouth, building definition as desired and blending as you to go, to ensure all lines are soft.
  • Step Four:
  • For Face Form in Fair/Light apply blush to apples of cheeks using contour brush or blush brush, ensuring you blend as you go, erasing all hard lines.
  • For Face Form in Medium/Dark apply bronzer to cheeks, nose, forehead and chin sparingly to add that sunkissed look.
  • Step Five:
  • Finally, apply the highlighter lightly to the apples of the cheeks for a highlighted contour creating soft, yet defined and sculpted cheekbones.


    My Verdict?
    Love it. Gotta be honest; I should say comparing to Illamasqua Hussy (which is also an UK brand), SLEEK's blusher which is the ace from this kit gives subtle glow on the cheek; its less pigmented yet more shimmering. The texture is powdery, but when applied on the cheek its getting shimmery and bit satiny frankly. Apply subtle hint of glow at the apple of the cheek to create a natural pinkish-peach blusher finish to give a healthy and radiant glow on your face. The contouring powder is okay; not so tawny nor so dark brown. The highlighter also fine for medium-dark skin tone women in South-East Asia region with a white base highlighter and a hint of yellowish undertone. Hence, I find that the color combo in this contouring kit is suitable for medium skin tone women; it is neither to dark nor too tawny. The only problem I found so far that the result seems less visible in the photo, only gives you soft hint of glow as in the swatches above yet not a strong streak of color. Overall, this product is totally satisfying for a beginner. What do you think? Have you ever tried SLEEK Face Form or any other contouring product from any other brand?

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