Aug 21, 2014

3CE Creamy Lip Color in Jazzy Pink

3 Concept Eyes (or 3CE in short) make-up products have been a hype among Beauty junkie all over Asia for against the typical girly Korean make-up concept; it is Rebelliously daring yet so chic.

The beauty line 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) is actually a side-line instead of the main clothes and apparel line of  STYLENANDA which was launched back in 2009. The color option from the cosmetic hue is actually what attracts me the most. It offers various, vivid, and bold shades plus tempting texture such as Creamy Lip Color, Lip Color, Lip Pigment, Lip Lacquer, Jumbo Lip Crayon, etc, you name it.

As an avid lipstick lover, one can't get enough of lip product. However, the decision falls to 3CE Creamy Lip Color since it promotes a true, creamy and moisturized finish as advertised here. For more product options from 3CE, kindly check here. It goes for USD 20.81 as mentioned in their official website but lucky me, one OL Shop in Indonesia offers it as low as IDR 195.000 or equals to USD 16.25 since they (speaking of which) says directly from the manufacturer. Heaven knows, I guess.

As usual, the shipment packaging of Aurora Beautyhouse comes in a stiff box and secured in a bubble wrap plus (!) an additional Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream sample as complimentary. No further information about the lip product since all information are written in Korean.

As you can see in the photos above, the color option of Creamy Lip Color are varied into 12 shades, yet currently they are now expand the color option up to 16 shades in total. The outer packaging comes up in a sleek, dominated in black, paper box with glance information of the product (unfortunately) written in Korean with a brief English info. The inner side of the box is colored with a bright Fuchsia color which emphasize the feminine side of the brand.

The lipstick tube itself designed in a sleek, round, sturdy black lacquered plastic tube. For warranty and hygienic reason, the tube sealed with a small paper-seal with a slight information written in Korean. The only decoration enclosed in the tube is 3CE brand logo; such a minimalist.

Jazzy Pink is a bright Fuchsia-pink color with a cool undertone. The bright pink tends to look like a Red Watermelon at a glance (perfect color for Summer); but when applied on to the skin, the creamy texture makes it glossier from it's light-reflecting agent or moisturizing effect. The color payoff is total worthy; it vividly glides into the lip and gives a perfect coverage. The texture of the stick also reflects back the product's name; it is creamy but doesn't create a matte finish. However, the "moisturizing" agent which is promoted as the eminent formula in the product a bit failed to impress. The creamy formula surprisingly a bit drying and accentuate the dry patches. Thus, lip balm application is required before applying this product to avoid any cracking or dry patches.


My Verdict?
I should say: Love at the first sight with the lipstick. It is creamy yet gives a glossy effect. The Creamy Lip Color instantly gives a bright pop of color with it's Fuchsia-Pink shade and creamy texture. The formula stays for about 4-6 hours and leave a nice stain pink stain afterward. The color payoff also gives a perfect coverage for dark-colored lips and the color is suitable with both cool and warm skin-tone women after all. I should suggest to not over-twist the stick otherwise you will end up with messed stick; since the stick easily melts down. The only problems I found so far: the stick melts so easily and the moisturizing agent which is promoted in the product still a bit accentuate my dry patches (note: After several trials, gobs of lip balm beforehand is a must to enhance your lip's moisture). Therefore, lip balm usage in this case is required. After all, the color payoff win over my heart; its a lovely bright Fuchsia with a glossy finish and great coverage. How about you? Have you ever tried any 3CE Creamy Lip Color before?

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