Sep 5, 2014

20 Random Facts About Me

"20 Facts About Me" is kinda interesting and I'm trying to re-create my own version as fun.  

First, I saw this "20 Facts About Me" tag from a beauty-blogger down there in IG and recently I also saw it on Jane's post in which captivate my attention: "do we need to expose our self to public?" I mean, do people need to know about our self? However, this is kinda rhetorical question for me: "have you know yourself?" By getting to know of yourself, people will find it easier to getting a long with you. Like Indonesian proverb says: "Tak kenal maka tak sayang". Laugh.

However, I might assume it as "20 Random Facts About Me". It took me more than hour to find out about my random facts. What seems normal for spiders, is considered dangerous for fly. You've been warned.

1. Birthday: I am a typical Leo; born in 21st August. I'm fiercely independent but when I'm already at home or at least comfortable with my surrounding I can be spoiled, childish, and sensitive. 

2. Love: I consider myself as a devoted person; been head-over-heel and fooled by one person for years! Ha! Now I'm trying to find someone who respects and loves me more than I do. A woman should be loved more.

3. Friendship: Tbh, I developed a Platonic relationship with my former house servant, Tar. My means, our relationship bonded into a sister-to-sister relationship just like G-Dragon to Taeyang has *laugh*; even though she worked at my home for 7,5 years as employee, I considered her as my older sister.

4. Pet: I love DOGS. and chicken. Once I had a Golden Retriever named Larry, but nowadays I only keep a turtle at home. Even though, most people were against my idea of raising a dog, I didn't give a d*mn.

5. Being told: Ah, another fact about me: I don't like being preached. I listen more to people who give me another insight instead of force me to follow their words. In the end, it is your choice how you want to spend the rest of your life.

6. Flower: I love all kinds of flowersss! I want to have a garden full of flowers but I'm not a green-thumb. Favorite flowers are Lotus and Rose.

7. Hate: I hate snake and most invertebrates. Not forget to mention cheaters & players.

8. Guys: A well-groomed man, smells good and has gorgeous smile definitely catch my attention. However, I will fall into a person who can make me laugh. Once Tar said I should find a Korean guy because they treat their gf like a princess; ehem, Taecyeon 2PM. I don't have specific type but being romantic is a plus for me. Nowadays, I pay more respect to a man who keeps his word and responsible.

9. Hobby: Loves anything related to Japanese Anime, Manga, Culture & Music. Travelling & reading are my fave hobbies. Japan, South Korea and Finland are my go-to-destination. Able to draw manga or anime. Loves to sing, period.

10. Music: Mika Nakashima is my muse, Shiina Ringo, Tokyo Jihen, DJ Kawasaki, Yoko Kanno, Perfume, FGMAN, Laruku, etc. J-Pop & J-Rock songs are mostly at my tunes. Lana del Rey.

11. Colors : Mint & Pink is my favorite colors. Black is my staple.

12. Cooking: I'm a great cook but I'm lazy to do so because I only live by myself. Unless somebody pay a visit then I will make some.

13. Childhood: I used to see some ghosts when I was a kid but nowadays I hardly recognize their existence. Thank God.

14. Accidents: I am a reckless person; as a kid and until now. I can't count how many times I had small accidents; once I drown in a deep pond, once I broke my left ankle, once I fell off and made me had a small operation scar on my right arm, and once I fell off and hit my back bone. Latest record: 13 cm Laparotomy scar with 14 stitches on.

15. Myopia: I used to have -5! I 'm a book worm; I read a lot! I wore glasses from class 7. Then, I had Lasik operation back in 2012 in which helps me to see clearly now :)

16. Food: I love food! I prefer noodle than rice. I like Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Finnish food. Anything. Nom nom.

17. Habit: I'm not a morning person, huhu. I'm a night owl. Furthermore, I have an obsessive need for cleanliness, I can't stand on dirty and messy place especially at my room. That's why I like to tidy up at the most irrelevant time of the day. Even when I got drunk.

18. Makeup: My precious: my makeup treasure. I love lipsticks and Japanese makeup products sooo much. I love to put make-up on, because I like to experiment with make-up and it's amazing how it can masquerade my emotion.

19. Nickname: Mia. It's my childhood and family's nickname. Yuan. Mbet. Mami. And most awkward Minul.

20. Future: I want to get married before 30~ Just simple and intimate wedding ceremony with pastel theme surrounded by our families and close friends. Furthermore, when I will have a daughter I will name her "Mika" from 美嘉; Mika = Excellent Beauty, taken from Mika Nakashima :) 

Finally made it! It took me more than 2 hours to figure it all until my office room got black-out! Geez, it's not that easy to find out about yourself. I guess I should put more No. 21 as a talk-active person, lol.

September 2014

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