Jan 8, 2015

CANMAKE Blush Brush & Highlight Brush

Instead of their super-ultra-cute make-up products, Canmake has their own cute accessories such as Blush Brush and Highlighter Brush.

Japanese has been the prominent producer of high-quality make-up brush such as Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo, Koyudo, Suqqu, Lunasol, etc. You  name it. Despite the fact that the high-end brand is unbelievably expensive, you can check other substitution from low-end brushes manufactured for drugstore such as Esprique, Canmake, etc.

Canmake Blush Brush and Highlighter Brush retailed for Yen 700 and Yen 650 respectively. It's encased in a pastel-theme patterned plastic box with flowery and girly motifs decoration whereas the brush itself equipped with a travel-pouch. The bristle is artificially made from a soft-vinyl whereas the handle comes in a solid-white lacquered plastic with Canmake logo in it. You check Canmake Blush Brush & Highlighter Brush from their official website respectively here and here.

Both brushes are made from synthetic vinyl bristle dipped with Ombré-pink color on the tip of the brush. While the ferrule is made from iridescent-pink metal with solid-white handle comes with Canmake logo engraved. The bristle is super fluffy~ even though the brush made from synthetic vinyl, but it doesn't poking your skin. Blush brush has curved-round shape whereas highlighter brush comes in slanted bristle; which is very nice to create either contoured shade or cheeky style. However, the brush size is too small imho; it's only ± 12cm long which is commonly an ideal size for eyeshadow brush. It's equipped with a travel pouch inside; which means the Canmake brush as a matter of fact is prepared for a travel companion aside from their 'mini' size.

My Verdict?
I really love the "Kawaii" concept of Canmake! It never goes dull or disappoints me. Hence, it's a good reason to make it as a collector items. However, the brush's 'mini' size really bothers me; the size is too small to grasp. I usually hold it loosely and ends up as my 'lazy days' tools comparing to my Masami Shouko brushes as staple tools for hectic and rushing working days. In sum, if you're into cute and 'kawaii' stuffs like Canmake brush then I would suggest these as collection (like I did, haha) but if you're into efficient and long-lasting tools you might check high-end brand considering their durability. Hope by looking at these cute goodies will happify your day

  My end-of-year haul with girly thematic, errr, I'm sucker for cute stuffs


  1. Canmake is one of my favourite Japanese brands~ ^ ^
    These Brushes look like they would feel so soft! ^ - ^


    1. Yes indeed, Paige! :)
      Japanese drugstore products are awesome. These brushes are soft and fluffy yet the size is too small imho. xx


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