Nov 8, 2013


Hi~ It's another post related to my Make-up addiction of: LIPSTICK!

I'm sorry been MIA (lol) for awhile, the office duties really trigger me out, gotta leave the Blog writing (therapy session) for awhile. I can't get enough of Lipstick especially Bold Red Lipstick. Whenever I see it around I barely can't handle myself from buying those products. The story began when I saw these 2 lipsticks at Cosmetics counter in Hypermarket, whilst I can't resist the vivid color & affo (and also applied discount) and ended up buying these 2 lipsticks :| It costs around IDR 72.900 (price ranges in different place) and easily found in your nearest beauty department.

So, I will start from Maybelline Matte MAT2, it's Matte version of Maybelline Color Sensational. Instead of the Matte MAT5 I already bought here, this is another RED lipstick with a hint of Orange! Common civil people in Indonesia will call it "Merah Cabe" :|

The other version is from Maybelline So Nude NU32S which is prescribed as 'nude' color lipstick but ends up to be Pinkish one :| However, the packaging itself that attracts me most! So, scroll down if you wanna hear my verdicts of these 2 eye-catching products.

MAT2 has the almost-the-same packaging with MAT5, the difference is the Hint of Red in the outer tube. Not really impressed. Whilst, NU32S totally awarded as the most-attractive-and-also-beyond-cuteness packaging of all Maybelline Lipstick products. Who can't resist the holographic and pastel mood of this tube? Feels so feminine yet intriguingly sexy. Dare I say almost charming like Dior Addict Lipstick.

MAT2 has the same texture with it's prior item in my stash: matte but not drying your lips. While NU32S is unexpectedly moisten AND glittery. Yup! While other 'Nude' products proudly create barely-there-almost-looks-like-your-skin-tone this product is quite far from the term 'nude' but more likely 'Pinkish.' with a glided of glitter :| However, this Nude lipstick has, I should say, satiny finish in which quite surprising for a nude lipstick.

MAT2 has red color with a hint of orange, while NU32S is Pink, totally Pink with a hint of glitter. Comparing to MAT5 from the same product, MAT2 is more lighter spectrum than MAT5 and with only 1 swipe of layer funnily it could create pinkish-stain lips while if you layer 2-3 layers can resulted in build-able true red result. TBH, MAT2 is quite tricky since it's more suitable for fair white or cold-tone skin, while warm-tone like mine is more fitting with Ruby-like tone; so flawless finish skin is a must. Based on it's tagline, MAT2 is "Bright Velvet pigment with Honey Nectar" while NU32S is "Brighten-up pigments and smoothen surface."

Maybelline has one of the best formula for affordable product~! Both of them are long lasting. MAT2 can create both stained and matte finish, while NU32S is glossy with satiny finish. These 2 products also moisten your lips while in my opinion, NU32S needs more attention in the moisturizer area so lip balm is suggested.

My verdict? MAT2 is slightly different with MAT5; the red spectrum is more lighter and orange-er than MAT5. I guess MAT2 is more DARING than MAT5; it is more bold even though at first the red color in the stick looks neon but after applied it becomes more wearable. How about NU32S? I should say I'm quite impressed since it covers my dark lips eventually. It gives glossy finish but the sparkling actually isn't my thing. Overall, I LOVE ALL THE VARIANTS OF MAYBELLINE LIPSTICKS ♥

Maybelline NU32S
Maybelline MAT2

Using Maybelline MAT2


  1. i have so nude NU35S! and it's perfect! ♥

  2. l love your blog .. can we follow each other love :)

  3. Hello Jenny Avenindo :) Yes it is! I'd love to try another swatch also <3
    Hi Masti Zellweger :) Thank You, done following your blog also ^^

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