Apr 22, 2014

KATE: Colorcious Diamond in BK-01

Aloha~ As you know I'm very, very, excited to review this post since it's my holy-favorite make-up product from KATE Kanebo Japan. It's a Fall-Winter 2013 trend which released as Colorcious Diamond Eyeshadow Trend that came out in 5 shimmering palette colors that grabs my attention the most.

So, what makes it distinct with other KATE eyeshadow series? According to KATE global website or if you want to check in their Japanese website:
The shine of colored diamonds creates wide eyes


A 5-shade eye shadow palette featuring the shades and shine of colored diamonds to create beautiful, lustrous, and wide eyes as the shades are applied.
I should say that Colorcious Diamond is more glittery and shimmery than other KATE eye shadows; it is heavily equipped with light-glitter powder eyeshadow with an impressive-cutting palette shaped like an unprocessed gem. The net weights around 2.8 gr with a sponge applicator inside the palette. There's an information about the product in the back of outer hard-plastic cover with slight information on how to application, ingredients, eye shadow's color information, etc. Colorcious Diamond trend color was starring Meisa Kuroki as brand's spoke model with a 15-second CM for commercial adv.

It's like typical KATE eyeshadow series; a Black-lacquer sturdy plastic case inserted with sponge applicator. The only difference is the shape of the pan and outer packaging design. However, KATE never fails to impress it's loyal consumer with it's typical trademark "edgy, mysterious, sleek concept." Nevertheless, for newbie user, KATE concept seems boring and less-innovated comparing to Korean make-up brand which often creates totally different new trend. Instead of it's superb formula and finishing result, (according to Japanese market price) it's categorized as 'Drugstore Product' with Yen 1.600 tag for the eyeshadow. Okay, let's compare to SUQQU or other Japanese Beauty Department Store product, KATE wins over the category with formula almost similar to high-end product. I guess that's KATE core concept.

Where did you get that? Unfortunately you can't get it here in Indonesia, therefore you gotta Pre-Order or browse around the net to find Online Shop who already has ready stock (in some case, they won't provide your desired color/product.) Mine was PO from IroIroShopu for IDR 215k (One of my expensive makeup ever T_T ) but worth the splurge. I always been in love with Japanese makeup because the price is worth the result. Time to save again for next PO, baby...

IroIro's packaging



Which color did you choose? It's BK-1, mostly consist of dark-black palette chart. If you can see in back hard-cover of the outer packaging, there's slight information about the color chart or you can check from above photo: 1. Highlight Color consists of pearly white powder highlighter; 2. Light-tone Frosty-Champagne gradation color; 3. Mid-tone Frosty-Pale Rose often look like Pale-Blue gradation color; 4. Dark-tone Frosty Grey gradation color; 5. Deep Color in dark Grey for liner or contouring. Overall, I should say all colors are light-weight and not too vivid; just like typical Japanese make-up color. Whereas the 3 embossed gradation colors seems to be the accent of the palette.

How about the pigmentation, texture, and formula? Let's start from pigmentation; like I already write down before, KATE Colorcious Diamond color is light-weight aka less-pigmented ever since the main formula of the product is the glittery-powder that accentuate the eyes like diamond dust. BK-1 is mainly covered in Black spectrum. For easier understanding, let's see below chart:

The texture is powdery (but a bit buttery) and equipped with hint of light-weight glitter. Whereas the formula stays for a day, yes, it lingers on my lid until end of my working day. Don't assume it as water-proof formula since it tends to have lots of glittery powder. In summary, Colorcious Diamond is best used during night time event since it's formula sparks dazzling glitter for accentuation. (Below photos may vary depends of your computer screen and my camera resolution :P )

My verdict?
KATE Colorcious is total splurge-worthy product. Even though it doesn't deliver amount of color yet it gives dazzle sparkling with it's gradation powder eye shadow. Best use at night event but day time event may take place if you just put modest application like 1 color application for lid's color. In my opinion, glittery product like this tends to show fine line around your eyes, so better wisely apply light or nude color for safe way. Goes well without primer but primer application works best with this kinda formula. For Japanese make-up sucker like me, this product won my heart for it's bewitching packaging *?* but seems that their low point is to re-create same color formula over and over again. Might look boring for some people. For more review, you can check Madokeki Review. However, I do hope you enjoy reading my verdict, fellas! Cheerio for now

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