Oct 7, 2014

INNISFREE Vivid Tint Rouge in 13 Maple Burgundy Pink

After several prior trials and verdicts thus Innisfree should be awarded as 'Most-promising Eco-friendly brand' and hands down to Vivid Tint Rouge's super-duper tremendous formula.

The Vivid Tint Rouge is one of the most-wanted lip color from Innisfree lip color since it's promoted to create a lustrous creamy tint color unlike other brand has. There are total 13 shades in which the last 3 shades were launched as part of 2013 Fall Trend color. It retails for Won 10.000 (equals to IDR 118.000 through online PO) and nett for 4.8ml with no additional outer box.

Vivid Tint Rouge series comes in a typical Innisfree's packaging; solid broken-white plastic tube with no outer box inserted. Simply just a guarantee seal attached to the cap's twister to ensure its quality control. No kidding when Innisfree doesn't put any English information for the product since the only information you can find in the tube is written in Korean. However, you might easily find the shade peeked out from a long-square panel at the side of the tube. The applicator comes in a common slanted-tube sponge in a superlative length.

As you can see, the tube is typical Innisfree's minimalist packaging. However, you might find that the inner part of the tube is easily messed up especially if you choose bold color like this one. It's difficult to find out Vivid Tint Rouge's English information since no further information stated in the packaging and all information in the Innisfree website are written in Korean.

 Voila~ The color payoff is ridiculously amazing and according to Filia's
"The Vivid Tint Rouge promotes vivid color payoff, glossy finish, and long lasting properties."
The pigmentation is superbly striking-opaque coverage; but with bit of glossy finish. It is a ruby-red shade with blue undertone and tends to be at cool-tone category. The texture is liquid-tint when first applied and instantly leaves a hint of gloss afterward. However, carefully applying the tint since it's staining surface so easily especially if you have bold shade like this one and will leave noticeable stain even though you try to rub it, so you might need water-proof remover to take it away. You can sniff a slight tutti-fruity fragrant and minty-flavor after application but it's subtle enough; neither too harsh nor too strong. The good thing is the texture makes it easier for you to create typical Korean gradient-lips with a hint of color applied on the inner part of lips, below swatch will show you the full-lips application only.

My Verdict?
I lurve, lurve it! Innisfree totally offers a different experience of lip products; the Vivid Tint Rouge is unlike other lip stain product, this products delivers a lustrous color and also moisturize your lips. The liquid has bit of tutti-fruity scent and mint flavor after applied plus it's long-lasting (it stays for more than 4 hours in normal activity.) The ergonomic applicator definitely helps you to create either bold full-lips style or gradient-look style which makes a plus for the product. However, it's hardly to get this product on Indonesia and also difficult to find out the ingredients of the product because most information are written in Korean but since Innisfree committed to serve naturally derived ingredient formula then there's no need to worry. The problem? The stain is little bit pain to remove, you will need waterproof remover. Have you tried this product also? Let me hear also from you but for now on just take a look at other reviews from Macnunu , Japanese Gyaru Lady Bittenbefore and my dearest Indonesian BBlogger Mysugarcoffee.    

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