Apr 13, 2015

Short Gateaway to Anyer

"There's must be something strangely sacred in salt; it's in our tears and in the sea."

For once in my life I did an impulsive getaway. At least. It started when one of our Korean colleague told me that the Koreans usually go to the Sea or Mountain during the first day of Lunar New Year to see the sunrise. I had made my mind: to take an impromptu med-distance train to the western part of West Java, Pantai Anyer.

Kebayoran Station (Stasiun Kebayoran) Thursday, 19 February 2015

It was 5 PM in the afternoon and I couldn't imagine finally I embrace myself to go somewhere I've never been before using local train (yup, unlike the commuter train I always take daily). People call it Patas Merak, departed from Duri Station - Merak Station around 6 PM. There are several alternatives to get to Merak through KA Krakatau or Kalimaya. However, the best way is to hop on to the Duri/Tanah Abang station and ask the officer what is the available schedule.

I have to depart from Kebayoran station to pick up a friend of mine while the train we've been waiting for  finally arrived at 6.15 PM sharp. If you pay attention to the passengers of the Local train, most of them are more likely different than common commuter passengers; they're dominated with local people as seen from their dialect and apparel. There was funny fact about these local Bantenese; one passenger, a young scholar (santri, we called it) who wore a high-top peci (a traditional moslem hat) like the one Pharrell Williams wore during the Grammy's award.

These man didn't stop to recite praying along the trip and he wasn't lonely since he came along with his group of men with same peci and recite the same prayer! I can't make sure which station did he jump-off, but unfortunately, the only thing we can remember during the trip was a young kid who smells like poop odor. Yucks. I can't wait to arrive at our destination.

Krenceng Station (Stasiun Krenceng) Thursday, 19 February 2015

21.30 PM and here we are finally arrived in Krenceng station; remote from the hustle of city life the station is very, very small and the only main access road is located in front of the station dominated with containers and trucks. The only available public transportation is a mini-van direction Cilegon - Anyer pp. We took the Anyer direction (Anyer direction right in front of the station, do not go across the street) and costed around IDR 10.000 (the driver asked more (!) fee because it was late at night.)

Down by the road the Krakatau Steel factory's light dimmed along with other factories & Merak harbor light. The scenery during the night time was mesmerizing but a strong smell from the plastic factory was annoying. Further, there's dozen of resorts along the coastal line of Anyer but if you're tight-budgeting tourist with limited fund, you can try to find local hostel or guest house offering from IDR 150.000 - IDR 250.000 but we decided to ended up at IDR 100.000 empty rented house for just 6 hours sleep. Well, we couldn't choose anymore since we have to wake up early in the morning and we got tight-budget.

Pantai Carita, Friday 20 February 2015

It was 5.30 in the morning. Dark, cold and kinda creepy. I forced my colleague to wake up and head into Karang Bolong beach, but because it was too early we head up to nearest beach named Pantai Sirih Putih. The beach was quite nice but the coastal line wasn't that long and suddenly it reminds me of Coldplay's MV "Yellow" scenery, owh yeah. We hopped on to another beach and it was direct hit to Karang Bolong but before we start the journey we decided to get a breakfast first in the nearby local shop. Fortunately, because it was still early in the morning (7 AM in the morning, people) nobody guarded the beach and we just sneaked in without paying any retribution fee.

The coastal line was much longer than the previous beach and the white sand was tempting, so I couldn't help myself instead laying around and taking photos. We decided to head up to the main destination, Karang Bolong, a big hollow reef with a view point above the reef. It was a nice place with a blue-green sea contrasted against the blue sky. That's why I'm always falling in Love with the sea.

We decided to go back before 10 AM because the train departed at 1.30 PM. We took a public transportation bus and one thing I won't forget, most of locals usually will greet you goodbye before they jumped off the bus even if you are a total stranger :D The lady in the photo below was one the people who pay homage by shaking my hands before she jumped off the bus.

Arrived safe and sound at the Krenceng station again. Not much passengers arrived yet! And I'm kinda hungry, so we took another lunch nearby and my colleague bought me some rambutans as a desert which was kinda flattering me. However, I do understand why I got the rambutans; the train will arrive in another 1,5 hours -_- and we have to wait there while eating the rambutans. Hahaha, nice try.

If you interested in backpacking to Pantai Anyer using train, you can take trains direction to Merak station riding KA Krakatau or KA Kalimaya, or even take Patas train like mine. For patas, the ticket costs for IDR 5.000 and KA Krakatau/Kalimaya will cost you IDR 35.000. Don't forget to jump off in Krenceng station if you're using patas train or if you take KA Krakatau/Kalimaya you have to jump off in Cilegon station and take public bus direction to Anyer. Take the public mini van direction Cilegon - Anyer and don't forget to ask local if you're confused. Have a nice trip then~

Before I go back to reality...

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