Aug 26, 2015

ZA Plumper Lips #08 Ruby Rich

Even though ZA cosmetics is no longer available in Indonesia, but I have to admit that the Plumper Lips series is one of their finest product.

Plumper Lips
7 shades (chosen shade 08 Ruby Rich)

3.5gr nett



Gives your lips perfect clarity and depth.
"Fill-up collagen" replenishes your lips with rich moisture while "Plump-up pearl", with its light-diffusing effect, makes your lips look incredibly plump and smooth.

Comparing to another ZA product Pure shine lips series, plumper lips offer more intense and vibrant colors and less visible glittery particle than Pure shine series. This lipstick available in 7 shades encased in a sophisticated metallic-pink tube imprinted with 'ZA' logos. Plumper Lips series designed to give you a plump-up lips with fill-up collagen and moisturizing agents to protect your lips from dryness.


ZA Plumper Lips Gloss & Lipstick CM

ZA is sub-brand under Shiseido umbrella which covers drugstore/low-end market. Their concept is Urban-Chic looking which targeted young working-age women. The metallic-pink tube design represents ZA's dynamic-feminine urban concept and the sleek tube design goes well for commute. The outer box packaging also comes in a shocking magenta with detail information about the product. Most of ZA product is produced in Taiwan; which is their home-base for Asian region.
Looking sophisticated and refined; the bullet comes in a simple slanted tip. Ruby rich is definitely universal pink to red shade with a hint of blue undertone and it's more vivid and pigmented than 01 which has more visible pearl particles. The shade is suitable for most skin tones and equipped with fill-up collagen, plump-up Pearl and Vitamin E. The texture is creamy-satin with glossy finish whereas the pearl particle is less visible after applied.

(L: 2 swipes; R: 1 swipe)

My Verdict?
This is one of the best creamy-gloss lipstick so far. The ruby-pink is universally flattering for most skin tones and the texture is moisturizing and creates glossy look; yet I personally think the collagen formula doesn't plumping up the lip so far. The lipstick color is vibrant and 1 coat is enough to transfer the color even though the staying power doesn't work well. The color normally stays under regular activity until you start to eat food which makes the color slowly fades away leaving the pearl-glitter particles behind. I wasn't expect too much from this product and bought it accidentally to get more discount program (laugh) but it turned out to be a great outcome! Too bad ZA no longer available in Indonesia. For more reference about this product, you can check another beauty blogger reviews here and here. In sum: On Wednesday we wear Pink. Have a nice Wednesday!



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