Nov 18, 2015



It's been a while, and I'm coming out with little side project of mine and it's called: "Beauty Spy", the term comes from my unapologetic habit to rummage my office mates cosmetic pouch (lol, please don't try this at your office). As you know, every woman has their own style when it comes to beauty and it's portrayed from their beauty weapon of choice; some prefer to be experimental, while some stay safe.

For my first Beauty Spy post, I'm raiding one of my office colleague's cosmetic pouch. I'm also asking what's her current fave products and she showed me her recent must-have item: a duo velvet stain from US brand 'DOSE OF COLORS' and "LIME CRIME VELVETINES'. Since Indonesian women have been into US velvet stain products at the moment, so no wonder US lippies are all over ITC (Instagram Trade Center) online shop. Why it's called Velvet Stain? It's rather difficult to define the exact words since the product comes in a creamy liquid form yet with a velvet-matte finish and leaves stain afterward. They're not exactly comes in creamy form, LA GIRL has more liquidy texture in the tube but goes velvety-matte when applied. 

Accidentally, all of the shades comes in similar hue; nude-peach spanning to warm brick-red and range from low-end to mid-end price. The choice of products are randomly selected by personal choice of my office mate and me.

From Left - Right:
  • LA GIRL Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in 'FLEUR' (Belongs to writer's)
LIME CRIME VELVETINES in RIOT has the velvetest and nice finish from all the swatches. It has creamy form in tube but turns velvety after swatch. Doesn't drying out the lips or accentuate dry patches but well-moisturized lips is suggested. Has opaque pigmentation and can be built up if you need more coverage. Long lasts and leaves noticeable stain afterward with a slight cupcake scent. The shade is a warm brick-red with hint of brown; flattering for almost skin tones.

DOSE OF COLORS in TRUFFLE is a pale mauve with hint of pink. It has full coverage and opaque finish with velvety texture. Similar to Riot, Truffle also has faintly freshly-baked cupcake fragrance. As you can see, the pale mauve looks contrasting with my skin and Truffle has the nudest and palest hue from other 2 products. Unfortunately, the product longevity doesn't last longer as it's suggested to best use up to 6 months after opening the cap. Best use for women with fair complexion or slightly yellowish skin-tone.

LA GIRL MATTE FLAT FINISH PIGMENT GLOSS (phew, what a name) in 'FLEUR' is the most versatile peachy-brown hue stain. The color can be built-up to intensify the opaqueness and has medium-full coverage. The texture while in the tube comes in liquid form but after swatch it will transform to more matte-velvet finish. Comparing to DOSE & LIME CRIME, LA GIRL has the most unpleasant matte-finish; it could accentuate dry-patches and drying out the lips. If you have problematic relationship with (extreme) matte lip product, it's better off to alternate other products or (seriously) exfoliate your lips' surface and have supple lip condition before applying the product because FLEUR is the most difficult to wipe-off or cleaned; it's more adhesive comparing to 2 above. After all, this product is considered budget-friendly-proof velvet stain comparing to 2 products above and can be considered as an alternative if you want to try velvet product for trial.

As you can see, RIOT has the deepest shade than the others, while TRUFFLE is the palest from all. FLEUR is the most flattering peachy-brown shade for every skin tone if you're looking for brown/nude hue. And also, FLEUR is verified as budget-friendly velvet-stain product as it costs for less than 10 bucks or if you want to try as a first-timer. However, if you want to invest more for a quality-worthy product, RIOT and TRUFFLE might be a consideration. Both of them has great opaque and velvety finish and it has faint scent of cupcake scent but bear in mind that DOSE OF COLORS has short longevity for about 6 months after opening the cap. After all, thanks to Kylie Jenner who (artificially) starting up those 'plumped nude lips' trend to Indonesia; if it ain't plumped, it ain't 'kekinian' (trendy). XX


  1. I love the concept of "Beauty Spy"! I doubt my co-workers would allow my to touch all their stuff >_< I have always wanted to try Lime Crime Velvetines, but it's so expensive and I have a habit of always losing lippies. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome Nicole :) Thank you for stopping by

  2. LIME CRIME.. said yes to LIME CRIME heheheha.. emang lah ya, harga nggak bisa bohong..

    1. Iya, aku aja baru percaya setelah nyobain langsung loh mbak :))

  3. Three are very cute colors
    But I love it dose of color

    1. Yes, I think it looks flattering on you Sakuranko :)


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