May 24, 2016

LANEIGE Snow BB Cushion 21 Natural Beige

Since late 2014, thanks to K-Drama, BB Cushion craze goes viral and starts inspiring and even makes high-end brand copying its concept.

Laneige, a premium Korean makeup brand, has proven a noticeable endeavor for Korean beauty industry by gaining popularity in short time and offering an endless innovative product with great quality. The BB Cushion craze was started about 3 years ago when BB cream popularity is climbing up the sales and Korean beauty industry starts to invent and introduce a new way to applying BB Cream; the BB Cushion. The concept is almost same like wearing compact powder by patting the (liquid) product's using a puff.

Nowadays many Korean, even non-Korean brands also following this concept; let's name it high-end brands like YSL, Shu Uemura, Lancome, etc recently starts to follow the trend and release their own BB Cushion product.

Laneige Snow BB Cushion is the old version of the latest Laneige BB Cushion 6 in 1 formula. Snow BB Cushion comes in 4 shades available, retailed for IDR 430.000 (mean while I got it as freebies), sold with 1 pack of case + 2 refills in one package and available throughout Laneige stores in Indonesia. It is called 'cushion' because the BB liquid comes inside the BB liquid sponge and packed separately from the puff applicator. The available shades are:
#13 True Beige : The beige color for light skin tone
#21 Natural Beige : The calm natural beige for light-natural skin tone
#23 Sand Beige : The sand beige for tanned skin tone
#31 Brown Beige : The brown beige for darker skin tone
However, when I tried to check into Laneige Indonesia official website, Snow BB Cushion product is no longer available :O Could it be Snow BB Cushion is already off the market?

Comparison of Snow BB Cushion and latest Laneige BB Cushion
Courtesy of Candice Chen's Make-up Box

The BB Cushion case comes in a white, lacquered-plastic case with retractable refill, mirror, and separated compartment for the puff. The shade number and manufacturing date can be seen in the bottom of the refill/case. It has 15 g nett content, made in Korea exclusively by Amore Pacific corp and expires until 12 month after opening the guarantee lid.

As you can see, the Laneige Snow BB Cushion comes in a retractable refill, so when the liquid product has running out, you can change the refill inside. You can't change the refill with refill from other brands since Laneige Snow BB Cushion case won't fit with other product's refill. Laneige blue bb cushion puff is also different than common puff; it is made from Rubycell dan Polyurethane and has more power to pick up and deliver the product into your skin. Here's a look of Laneige Snow BB Cushion with its additional refill.
Laneige Snow BB Cushion promotes multi-function benefits :

Bright and Clear Whitening Care + Strong Sunscreen Effect
With White Plus Renew ComplexTM formula, the major ingredient of Laneige White Plus Renew, the Snow BB Cushion gives you a bright and clear skin finish. Moreover, its SPF 50+ PA+++ formula blocks UV rays also protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Refreshing and Cooling Sensation
This Snow BB Cushion gives you a cooling sensation when applied, but soon evaporates after seconds.

Natural coverage and Clean Skin Tone 
The spherical powder with similar refraction rate as the skin controls oil absorption and light diffusion to prevent excess shine and creates a natural and clean skin tone with medium to heavy coverage.

Glowy, dewy finish and waterproof
One layer will give you enough coverage, dewy and glowy finish and waterproof formula against sweating.

Long-lasting makeup
Stays up-to 12 hours. Thanks to strong high-molecules that prevents the sweat and sebum from wearing off the makeup from the skin's surface.

Can you see the pores? It looks like lotus seed and if you are trypophobia person then you might not stare it too long. The pores contain and hold the liquid BB Cream to stay on the refill's sponge. You can only transfer the liquid using Laneige's BB cushion puff by patting the puff into the refill's sponge and dab it directly into your skin. Do not stroking the puff because it might cause the product not adheres and blends well with the skin. Remember, DAB it not stroke it. Here's a look of the product.

Here's a comparison: L side - with Laneige BB cushion; R side - without BB Cushion

My Verdict?
So, let's talk about the pigmentation wise first; 21 Natural Beige is not natural at all. As you can see it's lighter than my skin-tone due to its high SPF formula (as one of the ingredients that could reflect light). I need to lightly dab the product so it won't look too contrast with my skin-tone or choose deeper shade. The coverage is medium to heavy depends on your desire, just dab it more for more coverage. The finish is dewy and also gives you glowy-healthy look like those K-stars artist *lol*. It feels light-weight, covers redness, dark spots and uneven skin well. The cool sensation is the characteristic of this product, you might feel a cool sensation when apply it but don't worry it will evaporate after seconds. Water-proof, stays well against sweat, and has an intense floral fragrance (that might disturb for people who doesn't like strong fragrance). Overall, the product's formula and staying power is OK, but based on my experience, after 2-3 hours it starts to create excess oil and feel bit greasy. However, if you blot away the sebum/excess oil using oil paper, the coverage still lingers on. Here's another comparison and review of Laneige latest BB Cushion from Candice's Make-up Box and I hope it helps you. Thank you for reading!

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